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Upload 360° Product Photography to Your Pages

Manage and Publish Rich Media with SKU Ninja’s Upload Tool

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About This Item

  • Allow your shoppers to see the product from every angle to engage and answer their own questions

  • Provide engaging content to shoppers drives sales and conversions

  • Publish any number of rich media modules to individual product pages

  • Upload videos, photos, and documents and create product tours, feature sets, and comparison tables via the same easy-to-use website

  • Easily upload and manage rich media content for hundreds of pages at once

  • Bring your product pages in line with industry best practices and trends

  • Save money on image hosting using WhyteSpyder’s dedicated servers

Easily Upload 360 Photography to ALL Your Product Pages

360 Photography gives your shopper a chance to see your product from every angle in ways not feasible with normal product photography. 360 Views with more than 20 angles can engage shoppers and allow them to answer questions and explore the item on their own. But managing the photo uploads and publishing with so many images across a large number of pages can be difficult for ecommerce professionals with already busy schedules.

SKU Ninja is your affordable, easy-to-use solution for bringing your product pages up to industry standards with engaging rich media content. In just a few simple steps, you can publish any number of 360 Views to your entire portfolio or a single product detail page. Just upload your angles, enter the URL for your product pages, and WhyteSpyder’s proprietary API will review and publish the 360 Views to your pages, with yearly image hosting already figured into the cost.

Manage Your Portfolio’s Rich Media Content with this Easy-To-Use Tool

SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Upload tool is designed to make it easier than ever to publish best-in-class rich media content to product detail pages. Our transparent, flexible bulk pricing allows you to choose the number of 360 images you want to publish to any number of pages to fit any ecommerce budget or campaign. Sign up today to get a SKU Ninja login of your very own and follow our simple to add highly converting rich media content to your pages.

Uploading 360 Views with SKU Ninja is perfect for ecommerce professionals managing brands with preexisting rich media content that want to upgrade their item pages quickly and efficiently. WhyteSpyder’s in-house production team can even create brand new 360 photography for new/challenger brands on SKU Ninja’s 360 View Upload Tool can work for any brand, large or small, that wants to bring their product page’s rich media in line with best-in-class competitors.


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