Nov 13, 2019

How to Add Video to Your Pages

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Need to get product videos on your Product Detail Pages?

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Rich Media Hosting makes it easy and affordable to create, upload, and host enhanced content on

Get started here:

To order, just add the number of videos you want to upload to your cart. Click Go To Cart to check out, and you will receive instructions on how to log in to SKU Ninja, add your item list, and start uploading or creating your rich media modules. We have great customer success and support teams to help you along the way as you use SKU Ninja!

The Benefits of Video on & Beyond

Video rules in the world of online content, and is often exactly what shoppers are looking for when making decisions about a product. Almost 50% of internet users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. If you can meet your shoppers’ needs for an engaging, informative video right on your product page, you’ve made a huge step toward closing that sale.

90% of users report that videos are helpful in decision making. Video can go a long way toward making your shoppers feel like they have all the information they need to complete a purchase. When there’s a video for them to watch, it’s been shown that visitors spend more than twice as much time on your page. This not only improves your chances at a sale, but is valuable to your pages’ discoverability on major search engines like Google.

The benefits of video content for ecommerce are no secret, but lots of brands on are passing up on this high-conversion opportunity with bare-minimum item-level content. Make your item stand out on the digital shelf with the video content shoppers are looking for today!

Hosting Product Videos and Enhanced Content on Walmart with SKU Ninja

Affordable: Hosting videos through SKU Ninja is just $5 a month per video. That means you can host a brand video on an unlimited number of product detail pages for only $5 a month! We’re committed to helping ecommerce professionals improve their product pages at every day low prices.

Easy: Our Rich Media upload tool just needs a video file to submit to! Existing videos like brand advertisements or instructions are a great way to get video content onto your product detail pages.

No Commitment: Anyone with a URL can sign up for a SKU Ninja account and start uploading video files! You’ll be billed only for what you actually use at the end of the month. Users can cancel this no-contract, no-commitment subscription service at any time.

Training: Once your account is set up, we’ll set up a meeting to train you and your team on how to use SKU Ninja. The training meeting usually takes 20 minutes.

Guided Tours & Video Walkthroughs: Alternatively, you can use the guided product tours and video walkthroughs within SKU Ninja to get started on your own.

Support: Like most software, you can submit helpdesk tickets within the system for technical support. Unlike most software, we're available to help you with any questions. We also love customer feedback – it’s how and why we created SKU Ninja!

Upgrade: You can add more Item Page URLs, including competitors, at any time within My Products in SKU Ninja.

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