Jun 17, 2021

Are Your Walmart Pages Ready for Prime Day?





Amazon’s Prime Day sale is coming up— on June 21st, millions of shoppers from around the world will flock to Amazon for one-day deals and discounts. But Amazon isn’t the only online retailer that should be ready for an influx of shoppers!

Amazon Prime Day Statistics

According to a recent survey, 64% of consumers plan to shop on Amazon during Prime Day sales. The electronics category will see the biggest wave of sale-seekers, but items in every category can expect to see increased traffic.

But these Prime Day shoppers won’t just be going to Amazon! One in three consumers shopping on Prime Day—that’s half of all Prime Day Shoppers—plan to shop on other online retailers to price-check or find different deals that day. 56% of these shoppers responded that they will be shopping at Walmart on Prime Day!

Prime Day and Other Retailers

Prime Day isn’t the only shopping event happening next week! Starting June 20th (the day before Amazon’s Prime Day), Walmart will be running a “Deals for Days” sale on Walmart.com and in-store at Walmarts across the country.

Walmart’s Deals for Days sale runs from June 20th to June 22nd, during which Walmart items across multiple categories will have special sales and price reductions. Walmart hosted a similar sales event that ran before, during, and after Prime Day last year.

If you or your competitors’ items are being discounted on Walmart, Amazon, or other retailers, you have an opportunity to reach the huge numbers of shoppers looking for deals next week.

How to Prepare for Prime Day & Deals for Days

Whether you’re planning on offering a special price or not, you can expect increased traffic to your item pages during these huge online shopping events. Ensuring you have high-quality content on your item pages can go a long way toward converting those shoppers and making a sale.

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On Walmart.com, an item’s price has a large effect on where it shows up in search results. Naturally, the shoppers visiting your item pages for Prime Day & Deals for Days will be making decisions based on the price of your items. To earn the most sales on these shopping holidays, make sure your items are competitively priced and match your brand’s prices on other online retailers.

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