Add Rich Media to Your Pages for Black Friday!

It’s official: Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for online shopping. The Friday after Thanksgiving 2018 saw a 23% increase in online sales, with more than $2 billion coming from shoppers on smart phones! Every ecommerce professional knows the importance of Black Friday, but are your item pages prepared for the huge rush of shoppers that’s just around the corner? It’s not too late to upgrade your product pages with highly converting rich media!

Rich Media, also called enhanced content, can be described as any kind of content on your product detail page that goes beyond traditional photography and product descriptions. As online shopping becomes more commonplace, shoppers are coming to expect more from their ecommerce experience. The product page that can deliver them a unique, engaging story for its item with the information they’re looking for has a huge leg up on the competition.

The wide range of benefits from rich media content is no secret, either. Did you know? Shoppers are 73% more likely to make a purchasing decision after watching an online video! Enhanced content like product videos does a great job of engaging shoppers and enticing them to stay on your page for longer to learn more about the product. This “time on page” or “average session duration” metric is important for both conversion and search engine optimization of ecommerce product pages.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Rich Media Upload Tool is the easiest way to add rich media content to your product detail pages, including videofeature setsinteractive product tours360-degree photographydownloadable documents, and comparison tables. For just $5 a month, you can create your own rich media module and host them on as many of your product detail pages as you like. That’s right—it’s just $5 per individual rich media feature to host on any of your products.

What do you need to get your item pages decked out with the multimedia experience Black Friday shoppers are looking for? SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder makes it easy! Many of the rich media modules you can create using our tool, like Feature Sets and Interactive Tours, require nothing more than some written copy and a few images of your product. Have pre-existing video content for your brand, like an ad or instructional video? Great! You’re just a few clicks away from hosting that video on your product detail pages!

A little bit of work optimizing your product detail pages with rich media content can go a long way when shoppers are visiting in droves this Black Friday. SKU Ninja's Rich Media Hosting is the easiest way to add rich media like video, feature sets, and more to your item pages. Have any questions? Just email!


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