Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  

Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit Recap

Last week, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder was in attendance at the Consumer Goods Forum’s annual Global Summit in Vancouver, Canada. WhyteSpyder was one of four start-ups invited to the I-Zone exhibition hall. From our awesome dedicated booth, Eric & Brooke met with other C-level representatives from consumer goods companies around the world to discuss important industry topics, and show off SKU Ninja in free demos.

WhyteSpyder’s first showing at the summit was in a livestreamed conversation put on by EY, called “How Will You Master the New Consumer Ecosystem?” Eric sat down with representatives from EY, Sapphire Ventures, and the Consumer Goods Forum to talk omnichannel commerce in the consumer goods space.

Click here to check out the full video of the conversation on LinkedIn!

Eric also took part in a panel in the main speaking hall at the event called “Innovation Flywheel: Wake-Up! Start-Up! Experts Solve Challenges Changing the Way We Do Business”! He had the opportunity to share his insights on how large companies can incorporate the startup mentality, innovation and adaptability.

“It was a really great experience getting to represent our team on the global stage. Startups like ours can help consumer goods companies stay agile and take risks to meet the very specific needs of their shoppers,” said Eric, reflecting on the event. “The thing about this industry, to me, is that the shopper owns it. There’s more information at their fingertips than ever before. They trust and depend on technology to discover and understand products. That’s the revolutionary change in our industry."

Our big takeaway from the summit is the importance of speed and adaptability to the world of consumer goods. Adapting to shopper demands is essential, and brands, suppliers, and manufacturers need to be prepared to provide shoppers what they’re looking for. The consumer is changing, more rapidly than ever before.

We’re proud to have been invited to this global industry event, and thankful for our recognition and relationship with the Consumer Goods Forum. WhyteSpyder made great contacts with companies across the globe, learning a lot from their unique perspectives. After a great time in beautiful Vancouver, we’re all looking forward to WhyteSpyder’s continued involvement in our global professional community.

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