SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder's Content Creation Philosophy

A Unique Content Creation Philosophy:

WhyteSpyder’s proprietary content creation processes are explicitly designed to help brands and retailers improve search and conversion with scale and cost-efficiency in mind. Today’s shoppers depend on search engines and algorithms to discover and understand products in a virtual environment. Search engines and algorithms depend on data and content to provide shoppers with results and information. Both shoppers and robots prefer more information per product. Our decade-plus experience in online shopping, along with industry statistics and best practices, have guided our core philosophy that more content is better for brands and retailer to win online. So, we continuously improve our processes to maximize efficiencies for creating content. Our efficiencies result in our ability to create content, at scale, with the best pricing and appropriate-quality output for the shopper.

We are Not a Creative Agency:

Unlike traditional creative agencies, we focus on perfecting the balance of quality and quantity— in terms of what shoppers and search engines want. To put it plainly, we are not a creative agency, a shopper marketing agency, or brand designers. We are digital merchandising experts. Quantity is just as important as quality. It’s better to have 10 good, simple videos that answer 10 questions versus one great, heavily-produced video that advocates the brand. It’s more important to show your product out of the package, in the package and with references of scale versus one “perfect” photo. Finally, it’s better to have written content that includes the right keyword phrases, in the right amount, organized by interest from the majority of shoppers versus articulating a brand story.

What You Can Expect from Our Content Creation Services:

  • Shopper Relevant

  • Search Engine Relevant

  • Competitive Turnaround Speed

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

  • Scalability

  • Good Quality with Professional Technical Results

  • Ready for Product Page Standards

What We Need from You:

Your investment is of the utmost importance to us. We take every measure to ensure you are satisfied with the value of your investment toward ecommerce success, not creative fulfillment. Money and time are highly valuable for both of us. In order to minimize waste and maximize efficiency, content creation customers must:

  • Read, understand, and authorize these terms and conditions

  • Prepay for all services

  • Respond to an online questionnaire sent after receipt of agreement and payment

  • Provide samples and feedback in a timely manner

  • Understand edits and changes to projects are not made on our end

  • Agree that all sales are final, and refunds or make-goods will not be provided


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