Create Your Own Eye-Catching Content with Feature Sets!

When trying to sell your product online, providing shoppers with engaging content is a great way to stand out from your competitors and convince more people to click add to cart — the more information you can give shoppers about your product, the better. However, adding enhanced content or rich media to a large catalog of items can be tough to fit into an already busy schedule.

SKU Ninja's Rich Media Hosting makes it easy to create your own feature sets to make pages pop! Catch your shopper's eye with enhanced content that combines photo, video, graphics, and written copy. Anyone that manages a product page on can log in to SKU Ninja's easy-to-use online dashboard to submit enhanced content like Feature Sets, Videos, and more.

But what is a "Feature Set", exactly? Feature Sets are made up of any number of individual blocks that contain either media or text. These blocks, or features, can be resized and arranged in any way you like to create a finished Feature Set. SKU Ninja Rich Media Hosting lets you create feature sets using product photography, written descriptions, videos, headlines and banner images, and hyperlinks to other pages or websites, easily arranged in any way you like.

Get creative and tie your product pages into a larger marketing campaign, educate your shoppers about your brand, compare different items in a product family, or anything you can think of to elevate your pages above your competition.

SKU Ninja makes rich media hosting easy and affordable! Manage rich media for all your product pages with a no-commitment monthly subscription, and always stay ahead of the competition by staying in line with industry best practices and trends. Click here to read more about Feature Sets

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