Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  

Online Shopping Isn't Slowing Down!

As any retailer or retail professional will tell you, today, omnichannel is everything. With so many ways for shoppers to find, research, buy, ship, and pick up items, it’s essential for retailers and their suppliers to have an understanding of how ecommerce fits into the omnichannel chain.

Since everyone is staying at home and trying to stay away from social spaces like brick and-mortar stores, there’s one channel that’s getting a lot of traffic: online grocery! As you might expect, the number of people shopping online has skyrocketed over the last few weeks. This means it’s the perfect time to start shifting your focus to ecommerce.

Let’s take a look at a few of the unique properties of ecommerce that you can focus on in this huge wave of online shoppers:

The Product Page

The product page is one of the most fundamental elements of ecommerce—it’s where ecommerce begins and ends for many shoppers! Your product page should be the best source of information on your product around, with high-quality photography, an informative description, and engaging, highly-converting rich media content like video. It’s not just for clicking “add to cart”, either! Many shoppers use product pages on retailer websites to compare competitors, research, look at images, see videos, read reviews, and more.

SKU Ninja’s Essentials and Rich Media Hosting Subscriptions make it easy to put high quality, informative, engaging and interactive content on your product pages on!

Search is Essential

When selling products on an online retailer, a huge portion of your shoppers will find your product page through a search engine. If your item doesn’t show up in search, the shopper won’t even have the chance to consider clicking add to cart! It’s essential to be constantly thinking about your item’s discoverability, or how easy it is to find on search engines like Google, Walmart or Amazon.

For pages on, Walmart Search Boost can easily assess and give recommendations on how to increase discoverability, then show you how to fix it.

The Digital Shelf

It’s not just your products showing up in those search engine results pages— it’s also your competitors. eCommerce is competitive by nature, there’s no getting around it. The first five search results get the majority of clicks, so it’s important to see where you show up. When you know your place on the digital shelf, you can adjust your ecommerce strategy to win where you can and compete in valuable search results.

SKU Ninja’s Share of Search and Share of Digital Shelf reports are the easy answer for understanding your place in ecommerce search. Get an easy-to-understand, color-coded readout of the search results for your category to see which brands are winning organically, and who is paying money to rank highly.

Times may seem uncertain, but there’s one thing that’s for sure: ecommerce isn’t going anywhere! These weeks or months of working from home, staying in, and online interaction are actually a great opportunity for everyone working with major online retailers like Walmart. Optimizing your product pages for shopper convenience and search engine discoverability is the perfect way to make the most of ecommerce during these high-traffic times.

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