Find Third Party Resellers on Walmart with Invader Alert

SKU Ninja just got a new tool for Insights: Invader Alert! Invader Alert is a novel new way to keep an eye on your item page's Buy Box and gather information on third-party resellers on

If you're a Walmart seller or supplier, you may have noticed third-party resellers offering your brand's items on Walmart Marketplace. Marketplace's more open ecommerce platform allows for this kind of reseller to sell and ship products they've purchased elsewhere. Resellers can cause many complications for Walmart suppliers, so it's important to keep tabs on them to protect your business.

Invader Alert has two ways to protect your brand's sales and monitor third-party resellers: Buy Box View and Invader View. These two functions work together to help Walmart suppliers know when they're in control of their item pages and gather information on resellers that have created new item pages.

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Stop Invaders from Making Sales on Your Item Page

The Buy Box is the part of a page that shoppers use to see an item's price and shipping information, and add the item to their cart. This part of an item page is disconnected from the rest of the page in a crucial way: it can be taken over by another Walmart seller offering the same item.

Walmart's top priority is giving customers low prices and fast shipping, so when multiple sellers are offering the same item, the seller that has the most favorable price and shipping will take control of the buy box and take the sale when Add to Cart is clicked.

Invader Alert's Buy Box View lets you know any time a third-party reseller is taking over the Buy Box on your item page. Keep tabs on your item pages and know when something needs to be changed to take back the buy box from a competitor selling product from your item page.

Find Resellers Marking Up Your Items on

If a third-party reseller isn't using the same item number as your page on to compete for your buy box, they can create an entirely new Walmart page with a different SKU and item ID. This often comes in the form of multi-pack SKUs that ship multiples of a product from a single page.

These multi-pack SKUs can be a bad thing for your brand, as they can often be marked up to cost more than it would to buy the items individually from your item page. With Invader Alert, you can gather information on these resellers to bring to your Walmart merchant to take action.

Invader Alert's Invader View provides a list of all product pages on for items in your catalog that were not set up by you.

Free Assessment! Find Out If Your Items Have Invaders

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