Jan 24, 2020

Why Does SKU Ninja Use Have It, Find It, Display It Scores?





Having the right amount of content and for shoppers to read and find using search engines is essential for ecommerce success. Walmart is constantly monitoring and improving its ecommerce content to provide a better shopping experience for its shoppers. In a 2017 Investor Community Meeting, Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart eCommerce, named three essential bellwethers for merchandising products online: Have It, Find It, and Display It.

But what do these three "Its" mean, really? Here are some more specific definitions of Have It, Find It, and Display It:

  • Have It: Does Walmart.com have the products the customer wants in stock?

  • Find It: Is it easy for the shopper to find the product online?

  • Display It: Are the products displayed with enough content, pictures, descriptions, and reviews for the shopper to make an intelligent decision about it?

To manage a catalog of items that follows the fundamental priorities of Walmart eCommerce, it's essential to merchandise your products based on these three tenets. Have IT, Find IT, and Display IT ultimately boil down to providing a better shopping experience and allowing Walmart eCommerce to provide better value to its customers.

SKU Ninja's Content Trends tab displays essential information about your product pages on an easy-to-use online dashboard. We've applied the principles of Have IT, Find IT, Display IT to create algorithms for auditing the content of your product pages. SKU Ninja's Daily Dashboard features three dials tracking Have It, Find It, and Display It scores for all users' products to keep these principles at front of mind.

Here's how SKU Ninja uses Have It, Find It, and Display It to measure your ecommerce content's optimization:

  • Have It: Do your products meet the basic requirements for content on major online retailers?

  • Find It: Are your product pages optimized to show up in search results?

  • Display It: Do your product pages have enhanced content like videos and rich media to give shoppers more information and a better shopping experience?

SKU Ninja makes it easy to keep up with large portfolios of items on major retailers like Walmart.com. Our Daily Dashboard puts the most essential information about your product pages at your fingertips, updated every single day! Manage and audit your ecommerce content on Walmart.com and beyond with SKU Ninja!

SKU Ninja is an all-in-one ecommerce platform built to make life easier for ecommerce professionals. Check out our Essentials Subscription for content auditing and content management, or our Elite Subscription for unlimited access to all of our ecommerce tools, including Content Trends, Content Management, Prioritized Keyword Lists, Share of Search reports, and more!

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