Feb 28, 2023

ROUNDTABLE: Hidden Opportunities & Updates for Walmart.com





Walmart has established itself as the world’s leading omnichannel retailer. But this unique blend of online and in-store has no shortage of moving parts and pitfalls for suppliers. Are you sure your brand is making the most out of all the opportunities available on Walmart.com?

As Walmart.com continues to grow and change, new opportunities and common challenges arise for sellers that want to win. New advertising options or a simple fix to a prevalent issue could be what your items need to grow!

WhyteSpyder hosted a roundtable webinar where Walmart omnichannel experts and former Walmart merchants from our team discuss some hidden opportunities, barriers, and solutions that can boost your Walmart business! Watch to learn about:

  • New opportunities created by Walmart’s recent updates to their ad platform

  • How to identify & fix hidden barriers within Walmart’s omnichannel ecosystem

  • Why finding and fixing these barriers can help boost your Walmart business


  • Eric Howerton, WhyteSpyder Founder and CGO - Moderator

  • Christine Pummil, WhyteSpyder Strategy & Insights Consultant, former Walmart Omni Merchant

  • Paul Clauss, WhyteSpyder VP of Strategic Initiatives, former Walmart Omni Merchant

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