Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  

How to Improve Search Rank on Walmart OGP

A lot goes into selling items on retailer sites like, but one of the most critical parts of any item page is its search rank. Walmart OGP is no different! You may have the greatest product in the world, but if shoppers don’t see it in search results, it’s no good. Beating your competition in search is essential for making the most out of your listings on Walmart OGP and

Search results on Walmart OGP are calculated using similar algorithms to the ones on That means that you can use similar methods to improve your OGP items as you would any other Walmart product detail page. Let’s answer a few common questions to give you a better idea of how search works on Walmart OGP:

What Affects my Search Ranking?

Your page’s search ranking is affected by things like its title, description, specifications, and images. Walmart search uses a page’s content to determine if it fits the search terms entered by the shopper, with certain spots reserved for “Best Sellers” and “Sponsored” items. Walmart has certain standards when it comes to content, preferring to show shoppers fully optimized item pages. Walmart keeps track of these details for all of their online items to assign each page a Content Quality Score.

What is a Content Quality Score?

A content quality score is an internal grade Walmart uses to measure how optimized a product page is for their search engine. Pages with a high content quality score are easier for shoppers to find when making searches on and Walmart OGP. These scores are normally used by Walmart category specialists to judge the overall quality of an entire category. SKU Ninja’s Walmart Search Boost makes it easy for any supplier to improve the discoverability of their product pages to help them win search ranks over their competitors.

How do I know my Competition?

Of course, search rankings on major online retailers are competitive by their very nature. Walmart’s search engine is looking to show shoppers product pages with the right content, so other item pages can affect your search rank. SKU Ninja’s Share of Search Report gives you a color-coded readout of search results for the most competitive and high-volume keyword phrases. It even shows you which competitors are paying for sponsored positions.

Understanding search is a fundamental first step to optimizing your pages for Walmart OGP. Getting your pages to the top of search results goes a long way toward getting your item more impressions, conversions, and sales! With the right tools, getting a firm understanding of your current position, your competition, and your opportunities is easy. SKU Ninja’s suite of ecommerce tools and analytics help and OGP professionals optimize their operations and do what they can to win.

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