Nov 8, 2022

WEBINAR: Increase Discoverability on with SKU Ninja





REGISTER NOW! represents a massive opportunity for anyone selling items online. But Walmart’s eCommerce platform can be easy to get lost in, with no shortage of competitors and moving parts.

Over our 10+ years of helping brands win online, WhyteSpyder has built a software platform for that provides essential information on item pages and competitors, alerts sellers when something is wrong, and breaks down the exact steps needed for optimization: SKU Ninja!

WhyteSpyder is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, December 15th at 12 PM Central where the Walmart experts VP of Product Strategy Corey Hammond, VP of Development Roger Dickey and Director of Strategy & Insights Natalie Stein will discuss:

  • The origins of SKU Ninja and what catalog information it was designed to track

  • How SKU Ninja helps sellers and suppliers increase discoverability, content quality, and sales

  • New features that make SKU Ninja easier to use and a roadmap of other improvements throughout 2023

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