May 6, 2021

How to Efficiently Increase Walmart Conversion Rates with SKU Ninja





Want to increase your conversion percentage on, but not sure where to start? SKU Ninja can help!

Conversion rate is a critical statistic for selling items online, tied closely to sales and affected by things like your item's discoverability and search rank.

An important first step to selling more items is increasing their discoverability via search engines.

But the Walmart ecommerce experts on our team know that while it's important to achieve a good search rank, it's the content on your page that converts the shopper and makes the sale.

It's Content that Converts

Your item page's job isn't done when a shopper clicks on your item in search results. Far from it, in fact!

Driving traffic to your item page does little good if the shopper doesn't click Add to cart once they're there.

The content (images, descriptions, specifications, rich media, etc.) on your item page is often a shopper's first and last chance to make the decision to order your item.

Having high-quality content on your item page is what makes the difference between a bounce and a conversion.

Walmart Content Quality Scores, Discoverability, and Conversion

Walmart knows that high-quality content is essential for giving shoppers the information they're looking for before they purchase.

That's why they assign each item a Content Quality Score based on the amount and, well, quality of content on its page.

To ensure they're showing shoppers item pages with content that's more likely to convert, Walmart prioritizes pages with a higher Content Quality Score in search results. If a page's Content Quality Score is low enough, it will be hidden from search results altogether.

Click here to learn more about Walmart Content Quality Scores.

Adding high-quality content to your item pages has a significant effect on both its discoverability and conversion rate. But it can be difficult to know where to start with improving your item-level content.

Improving Item-Level Content with Efficiency

SKU Ninja is an online software platform with a set of tools for easily and efficiently selling items on and Online Pickup & Delivery.

With SKU Ninja, you can audit all of your item pages' content to find what's lacking and identify areas you can improve.

Content Trends

SKU Ninja's Content Trends tool tracks 10 different metrics for a Walmart item page over time in an interactive graph:

  • Price

  • Specifications

  • Title

  • Description

  • Key Features

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Documents

  • Reviews

  • Ratings

Each of these elements of your item page has an effect on its discoverability and conversion rate.

Auditing your items for these essential ecommerce attributes gives a solid idea of how you can start to improve your pages and increase conversion and sales.

Walmart Search Boost

SKU Ninja's Walmart Search Boost is the best and easiest way to increase Walmart Content Quality Scores.

From SKU Ninja's online dashboard, users can access Walmart Search Boost to see the Content Quality Scores of each of their items, along with exactly what content the page needs to improve.

As you improve the item-level content on your page to increase its Content Quality Score, your item will appear in front of more shoppers and provide the information they need to feel confident about purchasing.

It's a positive feedback loop that can send your item to the top of search results and improve traffic, conversion, and sales!

Get Content Trends and Walmart Search Boost For Your Items

Content Trends and Walmart Search Boost come bundled in SKU Ninja's Get Found Subscription Package.

In a single monthly subscription, you can get the tools you need to increase conversion on your item pages efficiently.

All new subscribers get free SKU Ninja training from our Customer Success team and access to our knowledgebase full of helpful articles and video tutorials.

Click here to read about SKU Ninja's customer experience commitment!

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