Audit & Import Content on with the Content Comparison Tool!

We've added an awesome new tool to SKU Ninja's arsenal! The Content Comparison Tool makes it easy to check the content you’ve changed and added in SKU Ninja against what’s currently live on or Walmart Pickup & Delivery. Like so many of our ecommerce solutions, the Content Comparison Tool was built to simplify the essential everyday work of our clients and team of ecommerce specialists. This new addition to SKU Ninja’s suite of software gives SKU Ninja users yet another way to breeze through their daily tasks with efficiency and automation.

Check What Content is Live on Walmart with a Click

Many factors can affect what’s live on your item page, like multiple teams or team members making changes, or dropped or missing content. When managing content for catalogs of items on huge retailers like, a few changes, hiccups, or incorrect submissions are to be expected. But having the tools to quickly audit, edit, and submit changes to your item-level content can make a huge difference in your daily ecommerce operations.

SKU Ninja’s Content Comparison Tool lets you audit the product descriptions, key features, and images of items you’ve entered into SKU Ninja & compare it to the content currently live on From the Content Comparison Tool tab in SKU Ninja’s online platform, simply click an item to get a quick readout of the content within SKU Ninja vs. what’s live on SKU Ninja even highlights the differences in the content for easy reading!

You can then import all the content live on your item pages into SKU Ninja to keep, edit, or just have on hand. Or, if you’d rather run with the content you have in SKU Ninja, you can submit all your SKU Ninja content to at once right from the Content Comparison Tool tab! With SKU Ninja’s specialized set of content management tools, you’ve got just what you need to make managing your item pages a breeze.

Get the New Content Comparison Tool with a SKU Ninja Subscription!

This new Content Comparison feature is just one of SKU Ninja’s many tools for making ecommerce easy and efficient. We’d love to talk to you about what SKU Ninja solution is right for your items! Email to talk to one of our team members, schedule a demo of our software, and start your path to ecommerce success!

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