Optimize Your Walmart Advertising with SKU Ninja

Search engines like Google, or search on retailers like Walmart or Amazon, use complex algorithms to scan thousands of pages for content that matches certain search terms. Showing up at the top of search results based solely on a web page’s content is winning at what’s called organic search. But, as any ecomm strategist will tell you, there’s more to winning search than just organic!

"Paid search" is a term for marketing products through advertisements on search engine results pages. Many of these advertisements are sold to brands and suppliers through a "pay per click" model. This means that the advertiser pays a certain amount of money, their "bid", each time a shopper clicks on the ad taking them to the promoted product page.

This means it's possible to see significant return on investment for every click a shopper gives your page. However, managing these pay-per-click ad campaigns is a complicated task with lots of potential for wasted ad spend on pages that aren't being seen or clicked on by shoppers.

Product Listing Advertisements on Walmart.com

Walmart Connect is the advertising arm of Walmart, offering marketing and advertising solutions to reach Walmart’s vast audience of shoppers. Brands can work with WMG to advertise their products with unique marketing opportunities through the company’s stores, websites, and other platforms.

On Walmart.com, suppliers can use product listing advertisements to ensure their item pages show up in the top positions for certain search terms. You may have seen items labelled “Sponsored Product” in your searches, showing which items Walmart Media Group inserted into those results at a predetermined rank. This is a great way to get your items in front of more shoppers, which can lead to increased traffic and sales.

Managing eCommerce Ad Campaigns

Running a successful ecommerce ad campaign can require constant attention to where you're placing your bids. It's important to keep up with when and where you're seeing a return on investment or competitors targeting your keywords.

Naturally, the best way to use product listing advertisements and paid search is as part of a well-researched ecommerce strategy. Coordinating your item pages’ organic search and paid search will save you money on wasted ad spend. Knowing which items to promote with product listing ad campaigns is an important part of any plan to win a greater share of shelf for your ecommerce category.

Coordinate Your Walmart Media Group Campaigns with SKU Ninja

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder offers ad management software through our ecommerce platform, SKU Ninja! Combine best-in-class ad management software's targeted and automated bidding with deep custom reports and valuable competitive insights to ensure your ad spend is as effective as it can be.

Get access to Walmart Ad Manager with a SKU Ninja Elite Subscription! Combining best-in-class ad management tools with SKU Ninja’s insights and content solutions can help you craft an ecommerce strategy to optimize your paid and organic search.

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