Jan 16, 2020

Beef Up Your Product Pages for Upcoming Campaigns

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One thing that didn't change in the evolution of ecommerce from traditional brick and mortar retail was the importance of campaigns. Nearly every kind of product has times of year, seasonal weather, or holidays that send higher numbers of shoppers out searching for it. Understanding and reacting to these high-traffic seasons goes a long way toward creating a successful ecommerce strategy for your company or brand.

Holidays like Black Friday and Christmas are well known as the biggest shopping events of the year. But with few exceptions, every product is more widely searched for during certain events and seasons. Optimizing your product pages for these seasonal windows can lead to more traffic to your pages, higher conversion rates, and, of course, more sales.

Here are some ideas for optimizing your item pages for high-traffic seasons:

Targeting Keywords: SEO keywords are the terms and phrases shoppers use to find products like yours. Naturally, the keywords shoppers search for vary significantly throughout the year. For example, lots of shoppers use the terms "valentine’s day gift" or "Halloween candy" instead of more general keywords when buying items for each holiday. Specifically mentioning holidays and trends that you know shoppers will be searching for is a great way to help your product pages show up in those search results. SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s Top Shopper Questions report is a great way to see what shoppers are saying online about products like yours to target important keywords in your content or marketing.

Enhanced Content: Higher traffic means more chances to impress your shopper with your product pages' content. Having enhanced content like product videos on your pages can improve conversion rates by giving shoppers the information they need to be confident about buying your product. Surveys have shown that 84% of online shoppers were convinced to buy after watching a product video. SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder's Rich Media Upload Tool is the easiest and most affordable way to get videos, 360 photography, interactive tours, and more onto Walmart.com product pages.

Optimizing Product Information: Online retailers like Walmart have lots of tools and algorithms intended to help shoppers find the exact items they're looking for. These search engines and tools use the back-end information you enter about your product to populate search results and show shoppers the right products. Having as much product information attached to your product pages ensures that shoppers can filter and find products that meet their needs. Walmart Search Boost is a new service from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder for optimizing product pages for Walmart.com’s & OGP’s search engines.

Hitting seasonal windows is a crucial part of an organized, well-researched ecommerce strategy. For more information, or to start creating an ecommerce strategy for your brand or business, email info@whytespyder.com!

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