Nov 2, 2021

Sponsored Product Changes on the New

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With the transition to Walmart's new omnichannel platform on 9/15/21, many big changes were made to the shopping experience for shoppers and sellers.

But one thing hasn't changed: Sponsored Product positions and pay-per-click advertisements (also called Paid Search) are still a great way to get your item in front of shoppers that wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

How Paid Search has Changed on the New

Probably the most noticeable change that came with the new is that all items are now found and filtered through the same search engine.

Before, Walmart had two online platforms to choose from before shopping: and Online Pickup & Delivery. With the launch of the new on September 15th, these two services are combined into a unified

This means that the previously separate online-only and in-store only items now share the same search grid when shoppers use's to find the products they want. For some categories, this created a big shake-up in search results and what items show up on top.

Alongside this change, Walmart has increased the number of Sponsored Product positions in the search grid. This allows the same total number of items to be advertised to shoppers in the newly combined search results.

While more Sponsored Product positions in the search grid means more opportunities to get your item in front of shoppers, it also means there is a greater number of less desirable positions available for bidding on the second and third page of search results.

Ultimately, with the launch of the new, there is a lot more opportunity to win with paid search, but also more opportunities to waste your spend on lower positions.

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