May 6, 2020

How to Host Rich Media on with SKU Ninja

Enhanced Content




Don’t know where to begin with Rich Media? We’re here to help!

Rich Media, also called Enhanced Content, is a term for content on a product page that goes beyond the required product title, images, description, and specifications.

This content is highly converting and desirable to shoppers, so Walmart encourages its suppliers to have as much enhanced content as they can to increase sales.

To get videos, 360 Views, and other rich media content onto your product pages, you’ll most likely need to use a content submission API like SKU Ninja!

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How do I Add Rich Media/Enhanced Content to with SKU Ninja?

It’s easy! You can order and check out on our website and start uploading your rich media assets almost immediately! Here’s a simplified step-by-step process to get you started uploading Rich Media with SKU Ninja:

  1. Go to

  2. Find the type of rich media you want to add to your product pages, add the right number to your cart, and check out.

  3. Get your SKU Ninja login in an email minutes after you purchase.

  4. Log in to SKU Ninja, upload your item list, and start creating and submitting rich media modules!

We’ve made your one-stop shop for setting up rich media hosting for your Walmart product pages.

How Much Does it Cost?

SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Hosting is just $5 a month per rich media module you want to upload to your product pages. That means it’s only $5 per unique piece of content you want to host. For example:

  • If you have one video you want to add to all of your product pages, you only need to sign up for 1 Video subscription.

  • If you want to upload ten different videos as downloadable documents to your ten items, you should add 10 Video subscriptions to your cart.

Still have questions? No problem! Let’s cover some of the basics:

What is a Rich Media Module?

A Rich Media Module is what we call a self-contained piece of rich media that SKU Ninja can submit to a Page.

There are 7 different types of Rich Media Module:

  • Videos

  • Feature Sets (sometimes just called enhanced content, or A+ Content on Amazon)


  • Interactive Tours

  • Comparison Tables

  • Downloadable Documents

  • FAQ Sections

Each type of rich media module is created and customized in a slightly different way, depending on the kind of information and assets it needs.

You can submit the same module to up to 500 product pages, or have more than one different modules on the same product page.

What Types of Rich Media Can I Host with SKU Ninja?

There are 7 different types of rich media you can upload, create, and host with SKU Ninja. Here's a short description of each:


Videos have become an essential part of shopping online. Many shoppers go looking for videos to help them make purchasing decisions. Put a video on your item page to give them the content they're looking for and the confidence to click add to cart! Adding product video can increase the amount of time shoppers stay on your page, improve conversion, and even make your item more discoverable through Walmart's search engine.

Click here to read more about adding video to your pages!

360 View

360 Views, or 360 photography, is a form of rich media that Walmart has embraced because it improves the shopping experience for their customers. Seeing an item from every angle lets shoppers feel better about making a purchase without seeing or touching it.

Feature Set

A Feature Set allows you to add images alongside text in the "About this item" section of a page. This lets you show off the item the way you want to, with branding and other imagery not suited for regular product images. SKU Ninja even lets you put videos into your feature sets to make them even more engaging!

Feature Sets are closest to what's usually just called enhanced content on other retailers (or A+ Content on Amazon).

Comparison Table

A comparison table is a chart on product pages that show shoppers products similar to the one they're viewing. You've probably seen one before on, most often added by Walmart merchants to let users shop other items in the same category. But these comparison tables created by Walmart can drive traffic to pages that aren't yours, and that's no good!

SKU Ninja lets you add comparison tables to your product pages that you control. Add your own product line to the table and let users compare their features and click through to your other pages! Comparison Tables are a great way to let SKUs that perform well in search drive traffic to your other product pages.

Downloadable Documents

Did you know you can add PDF documents to your item pages that shoppers can download and view on their own devices?

Downloadable Documents are perfect for instruction manuals, warranty information, recipes, or anything that a shopper would find useful or engaging!

Interactive Tour

Interactive Tours are modules that let you highlight specific features by placing clickable buttons on an image of the item. Walk your shopper through the most important details of your product or brand with steps they can move through at their own pace! You can even add additional images to go into detail on a specific feature.

FAQ Section

Walmart has basic Q&A functionality that lets shoppers ask questions about an item directly on its item page. Rich media FAQ sections go beyond that to put you in control of the Q&A on your product page. Enter your own questions and answers, and they'll appear on your product page in a clickable, collapsable rich media module.

What is an Asset?

To host your rich media on, SKU Ninja has to have something to upload to your product pages. SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Hosting has the tools to create and upload your own rich media modules to submit to—all it needs is your content!

In the context of SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Hosting, an asset is any piece of content (image, video, PDF, or even text) that you upload or enter into SKU Ninja. Examples of rich media assets could include the 24 image files used to create a 360 View, a video file you upload from your computer, or a company logo you want to use to create a Feature Set.

When you log in to SKU Ninja, you can follow our step-by-step instructions to create your rich media modules, upload and assemble your assets, and submit your rich media to Walmart.

What Do I Need to Create a Rich Media Module?

Each type of rich media uses different assets to display your item to the shopper. It’s important you have your images, videos, and other files in the right format and size. Here's what you need for each specific type of Rich Media Module:


The main thing you need for a video module is your video file. The file must be in the .mp4 format and no greater than 100mb in size. You’ll also need to give your video a thumbnail. A thumbnail is a .jpg image file at least 640x360 in size.

Walmart also strongly recommends you upload a .vtt file to give your video closed captions. SKU Ninja Rich Media Hosting allows you to upload this file at the same time as your video file.

Feature Set

Feature Sets are created in SKU Ninja and can use a variety of kinds of text, image, and video files. Here are some specifications to create a feature set with high-quality images and videos and text to go with it:

  • Hero/Full-width banners should be 970x300 with clearly readable text on them so they can be read clearly on desktop or mobile devices

  • Smaller images should be at least 240x240 and no larger than 500x500 PNG images

  • You should have corresponding headlines and description text for each feature section

  • Just like the video module, video files must be .mp4 format no larger than 100mb, with a .jpg thumbnail at least 640x360 in size and no larger than 250kb. You can also upload a closed caption script in the form of a .vtt file.

360 View

360 Views are a 360-degree spin of your item made up of from 8 to 72 images. Each image must be a 500 x 500 .jpg file showing the product solo on a white background.

Downloadable Document

To add a downloadable document to your product page, you’ll need it in the form of a PDF no larger than 100mb. You’ll also need a corresponding thumbnail image in .JPG format.

Interactive Tour

To create an interactive tour, you’ll need at least one .PNG image file your shopper can zoom in on to view its features. For each clickable hotspot you want to add to your tour, you’ll need to add a text title and description to explain the feature shown.

FAQ Section

All you need for an FAQ Section is the text you want to enter as your questions and answers! You can also add image and video files to your FAQ Section to help answer the question and show off your product’s features.

Comparison Table

For a comparison table, you’ll need images files for your brand’s logo, as well as URLs and images for the different products you want to compare. Other than that, you’ll just need to enter the specifications you want to feature on your custom comparison table.

What Happens After I Check Out?

After purchasing a SKU Ninja subscription, you’ll get an email from with the subject line “Welcome to SKU.Ninja!”. This email will have your username and password, a link to log in, and some useful instructions on creating an item list so you can start using SKU Ninja!

You can get to the login page for SKU Ninja’s online dashboard from any browser by going to! You may have created an account on to view pricing and order your software subscriptions. The account you use to shop on is not the same as your SKU Ninja login!

Does SKU Ninja have Customer Support?

Yes! In fact, SKU Ninja has three teams dedicated to ensuring our users get the most out of our software. Our Customer Success team can provide training and get you started using SKU Ninja, and our Helpdesk team is here to provide technical support and fix any issues you encounter. You can submit a ticket to SKU Ninja's Helpdesk at any time to get a quick response and assistance with your issue!

Rich Media Hosting on from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder

Rich Media is an essential way to improve the content on your product pages to get more conversions and sales. Shoppers are looking for as much information about the items they buy as they can get. Give your shoppers the highly-converting rich media content they’re looking for and give them the confidence they need to click add to cart!

If you still have questions, just email info@whytespyder to talk to someone on our team. We’d be glad to schedule a call to talk about your specific needs and how SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder can help! Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to get the enhanced content they need onto their product pages on

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