Apr 1, 2020

How to Find Your Search Ranking on Walmart.com

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Search rankings and SEO keywords are a fundamental part of ecommerce, and omnichannel shopping as a whole. Typing in search terms and browsing results are a huge part of the ecommerce experience for so many shoppers, and it’s crucial for suppliers and retailers to understand what’s going on in those search rankings.

The first results that come up for a given search get the vast majority of shopper clicks. Whatever brand or item is at the top of the search rankings for the highest-volume search terms have a huge leg up on the competition. Knowing where you stand is the first step to forming an SEO strategy that will get you in front of more shoppers’ eyes.

SKU Ninja’s Search Snapshot tool gives anyone selling items on Walmart.com an invaluable way to understand the search rankings of the most valuable search terms for their category.

Find Search Rank on the New Walmart.com

Have you noticed a new look when visiting Walmart.com? Walmart is in the process of combining the Online Pickup & Delivery and Walmart.com platforms into a single site, with many shoppers across the country already using the new and improved Walmart.com.

The new, combined functionality of Walmart.com has a massive effect on search results: pickup & delivery items and online-only items now share a search grid. As a result, Walmart sellers are very likely to see a shake-up in search results for their category, which makes it more important than ever to know where you stand.

SKU Ninja is currently collecting search data from the new Walmart.com, code-named Walmart Glass. You can use SKU Ninja's Search Snapshot tool to compare the top search results for your category between Walmart Glass, the current Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery platforms.

Once the new site is fully launched, Search Snapshot will still be your easy, automated solution for understanding search rankings on the new and improved Walmart.com!

Find Out Where You Rank on Top Search Terms

Each Search Snapshot created by SKU Ninja gives a readout of the search results for the top 20 search terms for items like yours on Walmart.com. There’s no better way to get an automated, comprehensive report on your competition in Walmart search results. Keywords are selected based on the volume of shoppers using them in Walmart’s search engine.

Visualize Your Competitive Landscape

Each Search Snapshot report is displayed as a color-coded chart, allowing you to easily visualize which brands are consistently winning the top search ranks for the most competitive search terms on Walmart. Establish your baseline, understand your competition, and use SEO strategy to start filling that Search Snapshot with your brand’s color!

Identify Sponsored Product Spots

Not all search results are organic. Some search ranks are “Sponsored Products”, or items that appear in search results because of paid advertisement. Search Snapshot has these Sponsored Products labeled, so you can understand which brands are winning in paid and organic results.

Get Search Snapshot with SKU Ninja's Win Search Subscription

Search Snapshot is available through SKU Ninja's Win Search subscription package! With this set of Walmart Insights software, you'll be able to understand your competition in search results, find your own items' search ranking, and find valuable high-volume Walmart keywords!

Learn More about Search Snapshot & SKU Ninja

Search Snapshot is your simple solution for understanding your competitive landscape on Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery. Interested in learning more? Just fill out the contact form below or email info@whytespyder.com to get in touch with a member of our team. We'll schedule a meeting to learn more about your Walmart items and give you a demo of SKU Ninja!

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