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When you’re used to selling items in Walmart stores, entering the world of Walmart eCommerce can be a lot to get used to.’s competitive landscape and best practices can be difficult to get a handle on, and change frequently compared to brick-and-mortar.

But sellers and suppliers can use the unique properties of the digital shelf to their advantage! Certain strategies, tips, and tools can help you improve your own visibility on to reach more shoppers and sell more items.

At SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, we use SEO strategy and ecommerce insights to make winning on easy. As Walmart Connected Content Partners, it’s our job to help Walmart sellers and suppliers succeed.

Let’s take a look at visibility in brick-and-mortar stores vs. the digital shelf, the ecommerce metric Share of Voice, and how you can use it to sell more items on

In-Store Assortment vs. Share of Voice

In the brick-and-mortar world, you can walk down a store aisle and easily find Walmart’s assortment of products for any given category. You’ll almost always be able to find the top-performing products on the in-store shelf, every time.

On the digital shelf, things aren’t so simple. With so many different ways for shoppers to search for items on, the items they see when browsing are much harder to pin down.

In ecommerce, Share of Voice is the percentage of organic or paid search results that a brand owns compared to its competitors. This essential SEO statistic tells you where your items rank across all relevant keywords, giving you an idea of how visible your brand is in search on

The Link Between Share of Voice and Share of Sales

In-store sellers have access to data concerning what products are selling well in their category, but Walmart eCommerce sellers do not. Positive sales numbers compared to your competitors is an easy way of knowing your in-store item is performing well.

However, it’s possible that an item’s in-store and online sales don’t line up. Much of the time on, this issue comes down to the item’s visibility in search results. Many items have all the potential to sell well online, but just aren’t appearing at the top of search for important keywords used by large numbers of shoppers.

By comparing your item’s share of voice to its share of sales in-store, you can find areas to improve SEO, get your item in front of more shoppers, and sell more on!

Use Share of Voice to Sell More Items Online

An item selling well on the brick-and-mortar shelf doesn’t guarantee the same success in search results. That’s why it’s important to monitor your item’s place in search results and take steps to make your items discoverable to more online shoppers.

Walmart’s search algorithm is made to show shoppers items that they’re likely to buy based on the search terms they entered. While it’s not designed to boost underperforming items on its own, there are steps a seller can take to improve an item's visibility for specific keywords.

To do this optimally, it’s essential to have an understanding of what keywords shoppers are using and where your item has the opportunity to gain rank.

Paid search is another great tool in the seller’s playbook to appear in high-visibility search positions. Advertising through Walmart Connect can kickstart your item page and give it the traction it needs to stay visible in search results even after your ad campaign is over.

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SKU Ninja’s New Share of Voice Tool

Our team of Walmart experts has developed an all-new tool for measuring Share of Voice on The new Share of Voice tool turns an entire category’s search results into a digestible metric that tells you exactly how visible you and your competitors’ brands are on the shelf.

To do this, SKU Ninja analyzes every search position in the grid to calculate what brands are showing up in front of the most shoppers on Want to know how much more valuable the 1st position for one keyword is than the 10th position for another? SKU Ninja’s Share of Voice does the calculation for you and presents its findings as a simplified metric to inform your SEO strategy.

You can use the Share of Voice tool to identify specific item-keyword combinations where you have the opportunity to appear in highly valuable search positions. SKU Ninja helps you find these holes in the search grid your item can slide into to be seen by more shoppers and sell more!

See Your Share of Voice on with SKU Ninja’s Win Search Subscription

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SKU Ninja makes it easy to win on With the right tools, any Walmart seller can create a winning ecommerce strategy to improve their item’s search rank to reach more shoppers.

All of our tools were created to make it easier for the Walmart eCommerce professionals on our team to manage and optimize item pages. With SKU Ninja, any Walmart seller or supplier can put our best-in-class tools to work for their item pages to save time, save money, and sell more on!

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