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On, search results are a lot like the in-store shelf: your positioning in search results is often make-or-break for whether a shopper has the opportunity to choose your item! But there’s a big difference: with the right ecommerce strategy, you can take action on your own to improve your place in search results and sell more items!

The amount that a brand’s items show up in search results and sponsored product positions across its category is called its Share of Voice. But there’s more to this metric than meets the eye.

Naturally, some keywords and search ranks are more sought-after than others. Suppliers and brands are competing for the top search results for the highest-volume keywords in their category. But it can be difficult to quantify exactly how important each position on the search grid is to your success on

Share of Voice: Get a 20,000 ft. View of Your Walmart Category

Enter SKU Ninja! Our team has created a new tool that shows exactly how well you and your competitors are represented in the most relevant search keywords in your category, and produces digestible metrics that you can use to evaluate and improve your ecommerce strategy!

Using a proprietary weighting system, SKU Ninja’s Share of Voice tool evaluates every keyword and search position to provide actionable insights about your ecommerce category. It even tells you what percentage of a brand’s Share of Voice is attributed to organic search vs. paid advertising.

Walmart suppliers can use the Share of Voice tool to thoroughly evaluate their competitive landscape, measure the success of paid and organic search efforts, and find item-keyword combinations where they’re underrepresented and can improve visibility with the right strategy!

See SKU Ninja's Share of Voice Tool in Action

Share of Voice is now available to SKU Ninja Blue and Elite subscribers, but you can see it in action! SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder hosted a webinar on Wednesday, July 28th with a preview of the new Share of Voice tool.

Watch our VP of Insights, Ryan Monigan as he gives a demonstration of Share of Voice.

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