SKU Ninja Gets New Look and Upgraded Capabilities!

Software and digital merchandising company SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder releases major update to online platform

March 5, 2020 – SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Online retail software and insights company SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is rolling out a visual overhaul for its SKU Ninja software to users starting Thursday, February 27th. SKU Ninja’s updated look has new features that make it even easier for users to manage product pages and navigate the insights reports available through the platform.

SKU Ninja’s 2020 update equips it with a reorganized dashboard, drag-and-drop functionality for building dynamic enhanced content and rich media elements, along with assorted upgrades and user experience enhancements. Subscribers will be able to switch between the site’s old look and new look for a short period of time, to allow users to get used to the new design.

“We’re constantly working with our customers to understand what helps them get the information they need to make business decisions,” said Roger Dickey, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s VP of Development. “The entire SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder team has listened and worked hard to bring this fresh, new design to life that makes SKU Ninja a pleasure for everyone to use.”

SKU Ninja is the SaaS, or software as a service, platform for all of SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s software solutions. Users can log in to their online dashboard at to manage product content on major retailers, audit and monitor product pages, and view analytics reports.

“Most companies in our space provide auditing tools that make brands aware of issues. Our focus has been to break away from that norm to identify the root issue and provide a set of tools that are the solution,” Said J.S. Bull, CEO and co-owner of SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder. “This update includes new tools that deliver on this goal, while also providing a best-in-class user experience.”

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder recently announced a strategic partnership with global product content company Nielsen Brandbank for the use of SKU Ninja throughout Europe and the UK. January 2020 marked SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s tenth year helping brands win online. This new update for SKU Ninja lays important groundwork for the company’s continued innovation in omnichannel retail.

About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is a Northwest Arkansas-based online retail software and insights company that combines innovative technology and automation with human strategy and expertise. The SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder team has years of experience helping brands win online. They make it easy for brands to save time, save money, and sell more on the world’s largest online retailers.


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