Apr 8, 2021

Meet SKU Ninja's Customer Experience Team!

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Need to grow your business on Walmart.com or Online Pickup & Delivery? We're here to help!

SKU Ninja, our online software platform with 15+ tools for Walmart eCommerce, makes it easy to win online. SKU Ninja was created to make life easier for the professionals on our team that work with Walmart item pages every day. That means we're well aware of the challenges facing Walmart suppliers, and well-equipped to help them overcome!

At SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, we're committed to providing a customer experience that empowers our users to use SKU Ninja to accelerate their growth. The SKU Ninja team's Customer Experience Commitment is to stay connected with our subscribers and find solutions that help them grow their business at Walmart.

SKU Ninja's Customer Experience Commitment:

We provide the best customer experience in our industry. We will always go above and beyond to communicate with our subscribers and ensure their voice is heard.

We're here to help you use SKU Ninja to accelerate your ecommerce. We will help you find the right solutions for your items, wherever you are on your ecommerce journey.

SKU Ninja's Customer Experience Teams

At SKU Ninja, we're serious about making sure our users have the best experience possible when using our software. We've structured our organization around providing fast, efficient, and effective customer service through our three Customer Experience Teams:

  • Customer Success: To provide personal training for every SKU Ninja user to use the software effectively, and to ensure accounts are always up-to-date. 

  • Helpdesk: To proactively ensure data integrity and address technical issues as quickly as possible.

  • Insights: To provide data consultation for our and continue to develop new tools for ecommerce optimization.

These three departments make up a significant portion of our staff, because we know that exceeding our users' expectations and growing their business on Walmart is essential to our success. Let's take a closer look at what each of these teams does to ensure users get the most out of their SKU Ninja subscriptions:

Customer Success

Every SKU Ninja user works with our Customer Success team to set up their account and get free training on how to use the tools included in their subscription. The Customer Success team is responsible for providing training sessions for all new users within 72 hours, clients' schedules permitting.

Customer Success doesn't just help users get started—the team stays in regular communication with subscribers to ensure they're still happy with the ecommerce tools provided by SKU Ninja, or if they need any help using them.

We're proud of our ability to proactively communicate with our subscribers to let them know of new features and coming fixes for the challenges they face selling items online.


SKU Ninja's Helpdesk is the first place subscribers go to get their questions answered. Always accessible via email or the ( ? ) Icon in SKU Ninja, the Helpdesk fields messages from our users and assigns them to the subject matter expert on our team that can get the problem solved.

The goal of our Helpdesk is to be a one-stop shop for any question that our subscribers have while using SKU Ninja. Contacting the Helpdesk will open a ticket alerting our team members that an action needs to be taken. Users won't have to wait long--our Helpdesk's average human response time is just 1.2 hours!

The Helpdesk is also responsible for maintaining SKU Ninja's data integrity. When managing as many Walmart items as SKU Ninja does, there are many chances for data to get lost along the way. Our Helpdesk is set up to monitor all data coming into SKU Ninja & alert the team when something is missing. On those occasions, our software experts spring into action to fix the issue and ensure none of our users' data was affected.


Our Insights team is made up of the top Walmart eCommerce experts at our company, with years of experience actively managing and optimizing item pages. They work closely with our top clients to provide updates and recommendations while running our managed ecommerce services like Search Sensei and Ad Sensei.

The Insights team also provides data consultations for Win Search and Elite Subscribers, taking a look at the data SKU Ninja finds for their items and providing interpretations and recommendations. Learning what to look for in their data and when action needs to be taken empowers our users to use SKU Ninja efficiently and effectively to improve their business on Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery.

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SKU Ninja is the best way to optimize your ecommerce strategy on Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery. But once you've subscribed, you're not alone! Our team is committed to helping you accelerate your business on Walmart, because when you win, we win!

About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is a Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine years of ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software solutions to solve the unique problems facing omnichannel professionals today.

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