Jun 24, 2021

CASE STUDY: SKU Ninja Elite Saves Time & Delivers Results

Case Study




A lot goes into creating high-quality item pages that get results on Walmart.com. Creating optimized item pages requires insight into not only your own item pages, but your competition within your category’s search results.

SKU Ninja is WhyteSpyder's online platform that makes it easy to monitor and improve Walmart item pages, with 15+ ecommerce tools made to solve the challenges suppliers face when selling items on Walmart.com.

With a SKU Ninja Elite subscription, users get access to all of SKU Ninja’s tools for ecommerce optimization. When used together, SKU Ninja’s ecommerce tools can improve item pages by earning more traffic and time on page while saving users time by making managing item pages automated and efficient.

The following is a case study on the results one SKU Ninja subscriber saw when using the tools included in their Elite subscription to improve their item pages!

Case Study: Combining SKU Ninja’s eCommerce Tools

A SKU Ninja subscriber used multiple tools included in their Elite Subscription together, aiming to improve their product page’s Content Quality Score, Search Rank, and Traffic, three important statistics for measuring the success of an item page on Walmart.com.

SKU Ninja software used by the supplier included:

  • Walmart Search Boost, to improve content quality scores by finding issues with the page’s content and making necessary changes.

  • Prioritized Keyword List, to find SEO keywords with high search volume on Walmart to target for search rank improvement.

  • Share of Search, to monitor the item page’s position in search results and adjust strategy accordingly.

  • Unlimited Rich Media, to add high-quality content that increases time on page and conversion rates.


After 90 days of using SKU Ninja’s solutions in conjunction with each other, the supplier’s item page saw these results:

  • Walmart Content Quality Score increased from 50% to 86%

  • Search Rank went from position 60+ to Top 10

  • Page Traffic increased by 300%

  • Time On Page increased by 127%

Ultimately, the subscriber saved 3+ hours per day in time that it would take to manually monitor their pages’ content health and position in search results!

Want to learn more about how Walmart Search Boost improves item pages' Content Quality Scores and discoverability? Click here for our Walmart Search Boost case study!

SKU Ninja Elite: Your Roadmap to Success on Walmart

SKU Ninja’s Elite subscription gives you the tools you need to win on Walmart. By combining the software solutions included in the package, you can optimize your Walmart eCommerce operations with automation and efficiency.

Want to see if SKU Ninja can help your Walmart items succeed? To get started or learn more, email info@whytespyder.com, or fill out the contact request form at the bottom of this page. SKU Ninja can simplify your work on Walmart.com with tools tailor-made for winning on Walmart! Contact us today to see what SKU Ninja can do for your items.

About WhyteSpyder: WhyteSpyder is a digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software solutions to meet the unique needs of omnichannel professionals.

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