SKU Ninja for Walmart Marketplace

Walmart has become a powerhouse of online retail, growing and changing its strategy to complement its own massive brick-and-mortar business and compete with online-first retailers like Amazon. When Walmart Marketplace launched in 2009, it let shoppers see and choose items displayed and shipped by reliable third-party sellers through It also gave brands without a presence in Walmart stores the opportunity to sell their items to the retailer’s millions of online shoppers.

With the retailer’s huge successes with online in 2020, Walmart Marketplace is as full of opportunity as ever. But sellers with backgrounds in Amazon or other online retailers might have a hard time adapting to the world of Walmart. Winning at Walmart requires a strategy that takes into account the way the retailer handles content and search results.

That’s where SKU Ninja comes in. SKU Ninja, our software-as-a-service platform for items, can now monitor and submit content to Walmart Marketplace, giving Marketplace suppliers access to this invaluable tool built for Walmart eCommerce! SKU Ninja lets you manage, monitor, and optimize your Walmart items for better discoverability and conversion, leading to more sales!

Here’s a quick overview of how SKU Ninja can help you win on Walmart Marketplace:

Content Management

The content on your product page is essential for two major reasons: it’s used by search engines to help determine your organic rank, and it’s what shoppers use to learn more about your item and decide whether or not to click add to cart. Keeping your pages up to date with the information both shoppers and search algorithms need is a big part of any successful ecommerce strategy.

SKU Ninja’s Content Management software lets you edit the title, description, images, specifications, and attributes of your Walmart items. You can use SKU Ninja Content Management to keep your item pages up to date with the newest information, change your content for seasonal windows and promotions, and add or improve content to make your page easier to find through Walmart’s search engine.

You can also use SKU Ninja to add rich media like videos, interactive product tours, enhanced content/A+content, and more to your item pages! Click here to read more about the benefits of rich media and learn about our Rich Media Hosting!

Auditing & Monitoring

With Content Trends, you can monitor any changes to your items’ content, price, and more to quickly address any issues. There are lots of reasons your Marketplace item may not have the content you expect or entered yourself. SKU Ninja’s Daily Dashboard puts the most essential information about your items at your fingertips, alerting you of any changes and even offering suggestions of how to improve your pages.

SEO, Insights & Strategy

SKU Ninja is the premiere platform for Walmart-specific insights and strategy. Our team has years of experience selling items through Walmart eCommerce, and all of our tools and reports are designed as solutions to the unique challenges of Walmart sellers. With a SKU Ninja Elite Subscription, you can get custom reports with actionable insights about your items, your competitors, and your entire Walmart category.

A few of SKU Ninja’s SEO, strategy, and insights reports include:

  • Search Snapshot, a color-coded readout of which brands are winning search for valuable keywords in your category.

  • Prioritized Keyword List, a list of valuable SEO keywords to target on Walmart, weighted by search volume and competition.

  • Share of Digital Shelf, a monthly report with 5 different readouts on your Walmart category: Brand Shares, Brand Item Quantity, Seller Shares, Seller Item Quantity, and Individual Item Share

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SKU Ninja gives you everything you need to understand and optimize your Walmart Marketplace items. Interested? We’d love to show you SKU Ninja’s online dashboard, learn more about your brand and products, and start working on a plan to help you win on Walmart. We offer software and strategy solutions for teams on every step of their journey to becoming category leaders on, Walmart Pickup & Delivery, and Walmart Marketplace.

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