Jun 25, 2020

Your Roadmap to Winning On Walmart.com: Finding the Right Keywords

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SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder wants to make it easy for Walmart suppliers to improve their product pages, optimize their search rank, and sell more items on Walmart.com. This month, we’re walking you through the steps to making your Walmart.com product pages examples of ecommerce excellence.

Last time, we talked about adding enough basic content and specifications that let your item pages show up through search engines like the one on Walmart.com. While covering the basics of item-level content will help give Walmart’s search engine something to scan and display in search results, but there’s a lot more to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, than that!

Why You Should Have an SEO Strategy for Walmart.com

Showing up in search results is a vital step in selling your items on major online retailers like Walmart.com. A lot goes into populating a search engine results page, but one of the oldest and most reliable ways to optimize your pages for search engines is SEO Keywords! SEO Keywords are the terms shoppers use to find pages like yours on the internet.

It’s not enough to show up for any old keywords—you have to target keywords used by shoppers looking for items like yours in the largest numbers possible! Choosing the right keywords for your items may seem simple, but sometimes the keywords people use most often aren’t as obvious, or aren’t what you want to call your product for branding or legal reasons.

The solution is to use these high-volume keywords in your item’s description or back-end specifications. Search engines want to show shoppers items and content that is relevant to the terms they’re searching for. To show up in search results, your page has to contain the term entered into the search bar in some capacity!

SEO Keyword Tools

You can find various tools online that can help you find keywords with high shopper volume. But keywords used by more shoppers are naturally more competitive—the more items that show up for a given search, the more yours has to beat to earn those top spots! The trick to choosing the keywords you target with your SEO strategy is finding the right balance of volume of shoppers, relevance to your product, and competition on the search engine results page!

SKU Ninja’s Prioritized Keyword List can give you a one-time report on the most valuable keywords for your item’s ecommerce category, prioritized by shopper volume and relevance to your item's SEO strategy!

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