Your Roadmap to Winning on Understanding the SERP

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder wants to make it easy for Walmart suppliers to improve their product pages, optimize their search rank, and sell more items on This month, we're walking you through the steps to making your product pages examples of ecommerce excellence. Today we'll go over the basics of using search results to measure your pages' success and understand your competition.

Step 3: Understanding SERPs

You may notice a theme with the first three steps to success on SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, takes center stage! In ecommerce, search engines are the first, and often last method shoppers use to find the products they eventually buy. Showing up in search results is essential for succeeding on retailers like—if shoppers never see your item in their search results, there's a significant chance they never will!

The Search Engine Results Page, or "SERP", is the page returned by search engines that lists pages matching the user's search terms. The majority of shoppers won't make it past the first few search results, and even fewer make it to the second page.

Finding Your Real Competition in Search Results

When a SERP lists an item page for certain search terms based on the page's content including those terms, it's called an "organic" ranking. When your page is showing up at the top of high-volume, relevant search terms, you know you're doing something right with your SEO strategy.

But how could a page show up in search results without ranking organically? Sponsored Products. As you may know, brands can spend money with Walmart Media Group, the Walmart company that handles advertising on, to boost their item's search rank with sponsored, or "paid" rankings. These paid positions put the ad buyer's product at the top of search results, such as ranks 3 and 5.

These paid spots are great for improving traffic and sales if you have the ad budget, but present a challenge for brands hoping to win organically.

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