Oct 6, 2022

Success Stories

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WhyteSpyder Success Stories:

Walmart Omnichannel Managed Services:

  • Our Ad Sensei team increased a client's ROAS 243% in 120 days

  • Our Search Sensei team increased average weekly sales by 94% in 12 weeks

  • Our Search Sensei team increased an item’s organic rank from position 30 to position 1 in 4 weeks

  • Our Ad Sensei team increased average daily sales from 11 units to 623 units in 120 days

  • Our Search Sensei team increased page traffic 167% in 12 weeks

Walmart.com Software:

  • A SKU Ninja subscriber increased organic rank from 60+ to the top 10 in 90 days

  • Successfully published 608 SKUs out of 673 with issues in 1 month

  • A subscriber increased page traffic 300% in 90 days

  • A subscriber increased time on page 127% in 90 days

  • Save 3+ hours a week with all the data being in the same place

Content Excellence Program Results:

  • WhyteSpyder optimized a set of 50,000 Walmart item pages through our Content Excellence Program.

  • In less than 2 months, 2.2 million product attributes were updated.

  • 11,000 items saw an average sales lift of 44%, for a total average sales increase of 15% across all items!

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