Jun 7, 2022

ROUNDTABLE: The 3 Keys to Success On Walmart





Walmart presents a major opportunity for anyone selling items online, with its millions of dedicated shoppers and less competition than many other online retail platforms. But how is Walmart different than other retailers? What do sellers and suppliers need to do to get the most out of their efforts to succeed on Walmart.com?

WhyteSpyder presented a roundtable webinar featuring experts from organizations across the Walmart eCommerce community who have worked together to compose three key strategies that, when combined, can equal success for and brand on Walmart:

  • Excellent Item-Level Content

  • Optimizing Item Pages for Discoverability

  • Efficient and Impactful Paid Search Campaigns


  • Amanda Wolff, CMO – OneSpace

  • Ryan Monigan, VP of Strategy & Insights - WhyteSpyder

  • Cara Henning, Sr. Media Manager – Flywheel

  • Moderated by Eric Howerton, Founder & CGO - WhyteSpyder

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