Jun 4, 2019

Use Your Reviews to Improve Your Content!





Almost any ecommerce professional can attest to the importance of shopper reviews. Retailers display an item’s number of reviews and average star ranking on product detail pages and search results, often using these to determine pages’ search rankings. But you may notice that this doesn’t take into account one pretty important part of shopper reviews: the reviews themselves!

Customers that are engaged enough to leave reviews for products can give any supplier, specialist, or ecommerce professional important insights into how shoppers view your content and the item itself. That’s why SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has created an automated tool to scan hundreds of product reviews and identify common threads and key takeaways using artificial intelligence, called Shopper Sentiment Analysis!

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is a growing field of artificial intelligence that uses language processing and machine learning to determine emotional and subjective meaning of text written by humans. The uses and benefits of sentiment analysis are numerous, and still being discovered, and is especially useful in the world of ecommerce content to parse and understand huge amounts of text in an efficiently automated process.

Why Should I Use SKU Ninja for Sentiment Analysis?

SKU Ninja was built from the ground up to provide intuitive, innovative solutions for the common problems of ecommerce professionals. With our Shopper Sentiment Analysis tool, we’re hoping to bring sentiment analysis into the mainstream, making it easier than ever to use this new technology to better understand your shoppers.

To produce your Shopper Sentiment Analysis Report, SKU Ninja will use your item page URL to gather all shopper reviews from your entire ecommerce category. After running the reviews through our sentiment analysis algorithms, it automatically creates an easy-to-read report listing the most common words and phrases used in shopper reviews, and tells you if the feelings expressed toward that concept or phrase were mostly positive, negative, or neutral in sentiment.

How Can I Use Sentiment Analysis to Improve my Content?

An effective strategy for great item-level content is to aim to answer any questions the shopper might have about your product before they have to ask it. Using SEO and product research to speak to their questions and concerns can establish your product page as a useful resource for anyone looking to get more information about your item.

The good news is: shoppers love to tell the world about their experiences via comments, questions, and reviews on online retailers (especially negative experiences, you might have noticed!). You can use the information gathered from sentiment analysis of shopper reviews to:

  • Avoid using words in your content or title that shoppers react to negatively

  • Call out features of your product that are important to shoppers who leave reviews

  • Position your item as an alternative to competitors with negative reviews, using references to specific negative aspects

Can I Use Shopper Sentiment Analysis if I Don’t Have Many Reviews? If your brand or products only have a small number of reviews, don’t worry—SKU Ninja uses your product page URL to determine your item’s category on the specified retailer to gather and analyze reviews for both you and your competitors’ items. This ensures statistically significant findings and a more complete understanding of what shoppers want and expect from a product like yours.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has years of experience in the online retail industry, and we’d like to think we’ve seen it all. Our mission is to combine human expertise with innovative technology to create new solutions for the unique problems of ecommerce professionals. Click here to get more information and order your Shopper Sentiment Analysis report, or email info@whytespyder.com to talk to one of our representatives to find out how SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder can help out with your individual ecommerce experience.

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