Jan 28, 2021

Case Study: Ad Sensei Drastically Improves Units Sold and Cost Per Acquisition

Case Study




Paid search is an essential component of any successful ecommerce strategy. And with more and more shopping taking place online, product listing advertisements and sponsored search positions are an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking to grow sales.

Walmart sellers and suppliers use the retailer’s media and advertising arm, Walmart Connect, to promote their products through product listing advertisements on Walmart.com.

But the Walmart advertising ecosystem can be difficult to pick up for anyone new to the platform. Content requirements and keyword eligibility can make it impossible to see a return on investment from advertising without careful management of your item pages and campaigns.

WhyteSpyder’s premier Walmart Connect advertising solution, Ad Sensei, has been shown to drastically increase units sold by managing clients’ ad campaigns on their behalf using WhyteSpyder’s ad management team.

Case Study: Cost Per Acquisition and Units Sold

A brand was failing to see desired results from their Walmart.com advertising campaigns through Walmart Connect. Over a period of 120 days, our Ad Sensei team took control of the brand’s Walmart Connect advertising campaigns. Our Walmart Connect experts reallocated the ad budget based on performance, using our platform SKU Ninja's data to identify wasted spend and new opportunities:

  • By targeting the highest converting keywords, time periods, and platforms, our team took the campaign’s average CPA from $11.37 per acquisition to just $1.80 in 120 days.

CPA, or Cost Per Acquisition, is a measure, in dollars, of how much of a campaign’s budget is spent on each individual acquisition, action, or shopper impression.

A drastically lowered CPA meant that the brand could confidently increase their daily spend to capitalize even further on these optimizations:

  • By optimizing the campaign's spend, Ad Sensei took the items’ average daily units sold from 11 units to 623 units over 120 days.

In real terms, 120 days of Ad Sensei managed advertising cut CPA to 1/10th of its initial rate, and saw sales grow exponentially. The brand's ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) went from an average of 55% in an unoptimized campaign to just 14% within 90 days.

Use Ad Sensei and SKU Ninja to Win on Walmart

Want to advertise your items on Walmart.com effectively? WhyteSpyder can help! Our Ad Sensei managed service is your turnkey solution to success on Walmart.com through Walmart Connect advertising campaigns. Just need the tools to do it yourself? We also offer ad management software, powered by Perpetua, through our ecommerce platform, SKU Ninja.

To get started or learn more, email info@whytespyder.com, or fill out the contact form below. As Walmart Connected Content Partners, it's our job to help Walmart sellers and suppliers win online with best-in-class content and omnichannel strategy.

About WhyteSpyder: WhyteSpyder is a digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner based in Northwest Arkansas. We combine more than a decade of ecommerce experience with precise software solutions to meet the needs of anyone selling items online. We help brands of any size save time, save money, and sell more.

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