Challenged by Your Buyer to Win on Walmart?

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You may have gotten an email from your contact asking you to improve the quality of your online content. It’s ok, we have the solutions to make you and your buyer happy! Very happy.

To provide the best experience for their shoppers, Walmart takes the quality of the content online seriously. At this year's supplier conference, Walmart highlighted the importance of high-quality content in staying competitive with other retailer sites like Amazon. Shoppers are looking for the confidence they need to click add to cart, and the quality of content on your shopping page plays a crucial role in whether or not they convert.

The most common requests our clients and contacts tell us they get from their buyers are:

  • Adding more product photos

  • Improving Content Quality Scores

  • Adding videos or rich media

  • Increasing number of reviews

Product Photography

Basic photography and product descriptions are the most fundamental types of content you can have on your page. And when it comes to ecommerce content, more is always better! Walmart buyers and category specialists have challenged their suppliers to add up to 8 images to each of their product pages to give shoppers lots of different angles and brand information about the item they're viewing.

Videos and Rich Media

Having high-quality content like videos, interactive tours, and other enhanced content is essential in delivering a great experience to your shoppers. Walmart is always looking to improve the rich media content on their site to stay competitive with the content on other online retailers. Buyers will usually suggest their suppliers upload product videos or 360-degree photography to their product pages, because these types of rich media are most sought after by shoppers and have proven track records in improving engagement and conversion.

To read more about the benefits of adding video to your product pages, click here!

Content Quality Scores

Content Quality Scores are Walmart's internal way to keep track of the amount and overall quality of content uploaded by their suppliers. Quality Scores are essentially an evaluation of the title, description, images, rich media, specifications, reviews, and more for each of your items on or Walmart OGP.

To read more about Walmart Content Quality Scores, click here!

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a core part of the ecommerce experience, with number of reviews and ratings often playing a large role in how items are displayed and recommended to shoppers. While SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder doesn't offer our own solution for increasing the number of reviews on your item page, our friends at Bazaarvoice specialize in shopper reviews and may be able to help!

If you’ve gotten an email from a buyer or category specialist, we have a few great solutions to help you meet their requirements, keep them happy, and surpass their expectations!

Adding Videos to the Easy Way

If your buyer wants you to add videos or other types of rich media to your product pages, we've got you covered! SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Hosting makes it easy for suppliers to get rich media content onto pages, for less. SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder offers the easiest, most affordable solution for rich media on

Improve Content Quality Scores with Walmart Search Boost!

Lots of categories are undertaking broad initiatives to improve their average content quality scores. If your buyer has told you your content quality scores need to come up, Walmart Search Boost is exactly what you need! WSB audits your content quality scores and gives you the exact steps you need to take to improve your these scores.

Add Images and Other Basic Content to your Page with a SKU Ninja Essentials Subscription

SKU Ninja's Content Management makes it easy to add product photography, descriptions, and specifications to your pages using our easy-to-use dashboard. You'll also get Content Trends bundled in with your Essentials Subscription to audit and alert you of exactly how many images you have live on your items bundled in! We also offer content creation of product photography and lifestyle photography.

Optimize Your Content for Better Traffic and Conversion

Your buyer is happy when you’re successful in selling your products through their platform! There are lots of ways to optimize your product pages for better discoverability and traffic. SKU Ninja solutions like Prioritized Keyword Lists and Top Shopper Questions can help you make your product pages a destination for shoppers to find the items and information they’re looking for.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder wants to help you win, too! As Walmart Connected Content Partners, we can help you improve your product pages for better content, more traffic, and happy Walmart buyers! Just email to get started!

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