Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  
Now available: Save time and money for a free account or to view bulk pricing and calculate quotes! We just eCommerced eCommerce  

Your Guide to Walmart Content Management

So much goes into optimizing item pages on, but it all begins with basic content. Your product page's title, basic photography, product description, key features, and back-end specifications are an essential part of ecommerce for shoppers, retailers, and suppliers alike. Shoppers are looking for it, so retailers require it, so suppliers have to have it!

As Walmart Connected Content Partners, our team has lots of experience helping suppliers optimize their items for Walmart eCommerce. Here's some basic information about managing your basic content we've picked up over the years:

The Importance of Basic Content

There are many reasons why basic content like your pages' titles, photography, and product descriptions are important. For one, this content is the first (and often only) content a shopper will see when encountering your product on An item's title and first image, also called the hero image, is the only part of your item-level content that shows up in search results. Having an easily understandable title and a compelling hero image alongside your item's price and reviews can improve your item's click-through rate!

But your job isn't over when the shopper has clicked on your item! After they've made it to your page, the shopper can see the rest of your images and product description and use it to make decisions about your product. Photography and product descriptions that make a compelling case for your item's benefits and answer any questions they have can give your shopper the confidence to click add to cart!

(Adding Rich Media is a great way to improve conversion on your product pages by going beyond basic content! Click here to read more.)

What are Key Features?

When constructing the content for an ecommerce item page, it's important to consider all different types of shoppers. Long product descriptions are great for shoppers that like to get all the information they can, but not everyone is willing to read through 4000 characters of text.

That's where Key Features come in: a bulleted list below your product description that outlines the most essential information about your item. Many shoppers (and internet users in general) prefer bulleted lists to quickly get the gist of what a page is trying to communicate. That's why and SKU Ninja have two separate entry fields for Product Description and Key Features.

Fill In the Details!

One of the most important things you can do with your basic content is going beyond what's mandated by Walmart's style guides and requirements. eCommerce is competitive by its very nature, and you're not likely to beat your competitors in search and conversion without keeping up with them in terms of item-level content.

It's easy to look at a long list of specifications and only fill out what you think is most important to communicate about your item. But filling in details like your item's weight, dimensions, flavor, etc. not only makes your page more informative, it also allows shoppers to use's filtering functionality to find your item. These back-end attributes are also an important part of SEO, or search engine optimization!

Basic Content and Search Engine Optimization

It's not just humans reading your item-level content… it's robots, too! Among other things, Walmart's search algorithms use the content on your product page to determine if it's relevant to show up in the results for a given search on or Walmart Pickup & Delivery. Walmart wants to show its shoppers the best content they can when they click on an item page. To do this, they incentivize pages with good content in search and penalize those without it.

But Walmart isn't simply checking the words you use in your content, either. Its search algorithms take into account the quality of your item-level content, like titles not being in all capital letters, or your product description having a certain number of characters. Click here to read more about how Walmart measures the quality of product pages.

Want to know exactly what you need to change about your item's content to make it more discoverable in search? Check out Walmart Search Boost!

SKU Ninja's Content Management Solutions

At SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, we have years of experience optimizing item pages for We've worked with Walmart on big ecommerce projects and have a deep understanding of content and search on and Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery.

SKU Ninja is our all-in-one software platform for managing and monitoring items on, created to simplify and automate our work with Walmart eCommerce. The tools in SKU Ninja were designed to meet the specific needs of Walmart eCommerce professionals, with new solutions being tested and released all the time!

Check out just a few of the awesome tools in SKU Ninja for managing your basic content on and Walmart OPD:

  • Basic Content Management - SKU Ninja's Basic Content Management Software (or Basic Content CMS) lets you edit the title, description, images, and back-end attributes of your Walmart items with our easy-to-use editor! No more spreadsheets—update your items right from your SKU Ninja dashboard, anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Content Trends – Included with Content Management, Content Trends keeps an eye on your item-level content on Walmart to alert you of any unexpected changes. Monitor your page's title, description, key features, and images for drop-offs or changes, as well as your price, reviews, ratings, and more!

  • Content Comparison Tool – One of the newest features in SKU Ninja, the Content Comparison Tool, automatically finds any discrepancies between the content live on your Walmart page vs. what you've entered into SKU Ninja. From there, you can import the content Walmart has, or submit all the content in SKU Ninja for publishing. Click here to read more!

Want to get a demo of SKU Ninja and learn how it can help your Walmart items? Email to talk to someone on our team and start your catalog of items toward winning on Walmart!

About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is a digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software solutions to meet the unique needs of omnichannel professionals.


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