Mar 18, 2020

Walmart Content Quality Scores FAQ





As one of the world’s largest online retailers, Walmart wants the best experience possible for their omnichannel shoppers. Walmart is always working to improve the item-level content of product pages on, Walmart OGP, and the Walmart app. While Walmart works to coordinate and syndicate item-level content across all of their shopper channels, it’s the suppliers' job to upload and submit the content they need for their product pages.

If you’re a Walmart supplier that deals with eCommerce, chances are you’ve heard of Walmart's Content Quality Scores. The retailer is making it a priority to improve these scores, so it’s important to understand the basics. Let’s go over a few commonly asked questions about Walmart’s Content Quality Scores:

What is a Walmart Content Quality Score?

A Content Quality Score is a grade automatically given to a product page based on its title, content, and back-end information, like attributes. A page’s quality score provides a general idea of how optimized the page is for Walmart’s search engine. Walmart buyers and category specialists use Content Quality Scores to measure the quality and identify any issues on their category’s product pages.

How do I improve my Content Quality Score?

Walmart’s Quality Scores are based on many different factors that can vary depending on a product’s category. These can include the number of characters in your title, the length of your description, number of images, video, rich media, back-end specifications, and more. Product pages with a Content Quality Score of 95% and higher have been optimized for discoverability on, Walmart OGP, and the Walmart App.

Following Walmart's guidelines for content as outlined in their new Style Guides goes a long way toward improving your Content Quality Score. To read more about Walmart's new Style Guides, click here!

Why Improve my Content Quality Score?

Because the Content Quality Score is a measure of your product page’s discoverability, improving your score will make it easier for shoppers to find! Items with optimized Content Quality Scores give Walmart’s search engine more to work with, allowing the product page to rank higher in search results and show up in a greater number of searches. Improving your product page’s Content Quality Score gets your item in front of more shoppers’ eyes, increases traffic, and leads to more sales and conversion opportunities.

How can I find out my Content Quality Score?

Walmart Content Quality Scores are recorded internally by Walmart, usually only given out upon request to suppliers by Walmart eCommerce Buyers and Category Specialists. SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder can provide a quality score assessment for any Walmart supplier with product page URLs. Walmart Search Boost keeps an easy-to-use list of your product pages’ quality scores in SKU Ninja’s online dashboard. Your items are color coded based on their scores, with detailed instructions on how to improve them!

Walmart Marketplace sellers' item pages are assigned Listing Quality scores instead of Content Quality Scores. If your items are not sold and shipped by Walmart, the retailer has recently released a way to see their Listing Quality scores. To learn more, click here.

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