Give Your Walmart Shoppers a Last-Minute Gift!

The holiday season is a crucial time for nearly anyone selling items online. Black Friday has come and gone, but there are still lots of last-minute holiday shoppers on and Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery. Adding video and other enhanced content to your pages can help you secure those last-minute sales, especially when you can add it quickly and easily with SKU Ninja!

Enhanced content isn’t just for online shoppers, either! Researching a product online has become an essential part of the process for so many shoppers. These “ROBO shoppers” (Research Online, Buy Offline) decide which products to buy in-store based on the information they can find online. Engaging, informative enhanced content like a video or feature set can give them the confidence to click Add to Cart, or add it to their cart in-store!

SKU Ninja’s Rich Media Hosting tool makes it truly easy and affordable to add enhanced content like videos, interactive tours, 360 views, and feature sets (called A+ Content on Amazon) to your Walmart pages. For just $5 a month, you can provide your shoppers with engaging content that gives them the information they’re looking for about your item.

Of course, the enhanced content you add to your product pages will inform and engage Walmart shoppers any time of year! In fact, Walmart’s digital sales are way up in 2020, and more people than ever are using and Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery. There’s never been a better time for Walmart eCommerce, and with so many shoppers on the platform, the retailer is serious about suppliers and marketplace sellers improving their online content!

If your brand or items have videos for social media, online marketing, or other retailers, why not put them on Walmart for the massive audience of shoppers on the world’s largest retailer? With SKU Ninja’s video hosting, you can quickly and easily add videos to your Walmart page for just $5 a month.

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