Apr 15, 2020

Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions on Walmart.com

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The item page is a fundamental building block of ecommerce. Your page is what shoppers use to find and buy your item on Walmart.com or OGP, but it doesn’t have to stop there—there are lots of ways to use your product page as an essential tool for giving your shopper the information and confidence they need to click add to cart.

Walmart.com has built-in ways to show your item to shoppers, like photography, product descriptions, reviews, specifications, and even a place for shoppers to ask questions about your item. But suppliers selling their products on Walmart.com might want a little more control over the questions and answers that go onto their shopping pages. Let’s take a look at how you can use FAQ Sections to give your Walmart.com product page something unique:

What’s an FAQ Section?

An FAQ, or “frequently asked questions”, section is a type of rich media for your product page that answers questions about your item without shoppers having to ask. They usually include questions that suppliers know are bound to be on shoppers’ minds, but can also be used to answer questions about the exciting features of your product or brand that you want your shoppers to know about!

What Should I Put in my FAQ Section?

FAQ sections give you the opportunity to answer questions you already know that lots of your shoppers have before they have to ask—that’s why they’re called “frequently asked”! You can also use the FAQ as another opportunity to inform your shoppers about any great features of your product that you want to. Need some help coming up with questions to answer on your product page? SKU Ninja’s Top Shopper Questions report has you covered! Our Top Shopper Questions report is the perfect pairing with an FAQ Rich Media Module, giving you the questions shoppers are asking most often around the internet.

SKU Ninja makes it easy to add rich media like FAQs to your product pages on Walmart.com! FAQs hosted by SKU Ninja are created and submitted to Walmart.com by you and your team, so you can include the most important questions you want to answer, and can even include pictures or videos in your answers. For more information, or to schedule a call or demo, just email info@whytespyder.com!

About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is a digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine years of ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software to solve the unique problems facing omnichannel professionals today.

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