Nail Your Walmart Line Review with SKU Ninja

Most every Walmart supplier knows the importance of line reviews: bi-annual meetings with merchants that can lead to promotional opportunities and increased distribution with the world's largest retailer. A lot of work goes into preparing for these meetings—no one wants to be surprised or blindsided by a question from their merchant!

Walmart has made some big changes this year, combining online and in-store merchant teams. Whether your Walmart merchant has changed or hasn't, you can be sure they understand the importance of omnichannel merchandising to Walmart's overall goals. That means a great way to impress your merchant is by coming prepared to show your success on and Pickup & Delivery!

When preparing for your Walmart line review, it can be difficult to quantify your items' ecommerce and omnichannel performance. Your item pages' Content Quality scores are a great way to represent your online efforts to your buyer in a concise and easy-to understand way. Walmart uses these scores internally to measure the status of their catalog's content, so they can make a compelling addition to your Line Review presentation.

Communicating to your buyer that you take ecommerce seriously can make you stand out among your competitors this line review season! Here's a little more information about impressing your merchant and tracking your success with SKU Ninja:

Add the Content Walmart Wants

The first step to showing Walmart you’re serious about ecomm and omnichannel success is having item pages to be proud of! Item-level content like product photography, descriptions, key features, and essential back-end specifications make your product easier to find via Walmart's search engine. To ensure better content for their shoppers, Walmart is serious about their suppliers providing enough information about their items.

Walmart's merchant and content acquisition team has started sending automated emails to Walmart suppliers, alerting them of missing or incorrect content on their item pages. These emails are a great place to start, but from a supplier perspective, it's important to understand which attributes have the largest effect on your item pages' search rank, discoverability, and sales.

The attributes that contribute to a page's Content Quality scores are the first to focus on to succeed on That means that Content Quality scores are a good indicator of success for both Walmart and its suppliers

Stay on Top of Changing Algorithms

It can be easy to ignore your ecommerce content until it becomes a problem, but your item pages are not set-it-and-forget-it. Walmart frequently updates its search engine algorithms to improve the quality of their search results. Throw in changes to Walmart's style guide and merchandising guidelines, and you can see why keeping a close eye on your item pages' content is essential.

SKU Ninja's tools like Content Trends and Walmart Search Boost let you stay up to date on your items' performance on and Pickup & Delivery. Don't be surprised by your Walmart merchant's questions about your item pages—stay one step ahead with SKU Ninja!

SKU Ninja Success Story: Recently, one of our clients got an email from Walmart, alerting them of attributes that needed to be updated. When the client shared the email with our team, we could report that SKU Ninja had already caught the changes to the algorithm & allowed us to update the pages before Walmart had even sent the email!

Measure Your eComm Success with SKU Ninja

SKU Ninja is the best way to measure, monitor, and manage your Walmart content. Our Walmart Search Boost tool gives you weekly readouts on Content Quality scores, tracking improvement over time and providing specific instructions on what issues need to be fixed.

If you need help using SKU Ninja to accelerate your business on and Pickup & Delivery, our Customer Success & Insights teams are there for you. In fact, every new SKU Ninja Elite subscriber gets an individual consultation on their Walmart items!

Know your Content Quality scores before your merchant tells you, and use SKU Ninja to boost them above your competitors! You can use SKU Ninja this line review season to show Walmart you’re on board with helping them achieve their omnichannel goals.

Learn How SKU Ninja can Help Your Walmart Items

Not sure where to start? We offer a free assessment of Walmart Content Quality scores, to see how SKU Ninja and Walmart Search Boost can help them improve. Just email your item URLs to to get started! Or, fill out the contact form below, and we'll be in touch.


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