Sep 10, 2020

New Walmart Marketplace Listing Quality Scores - FAQ

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In a recent webinar, The Walmart Marketplace team showed the new Seller Central Listing Quality Dashboard. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how this new tool measures listing quality, how it’s different than Content Quality score, and how SKU Ninja works with this new Seller Central dashboard.

Seller Center is Walmart’s online platform for Marketplace sellers. The new Listing Quality Dashboard shows a sellers items’ Listing Quality scores at a category and item level. Marketplace sellers can now view Walmart’s listing scores of their item pages and get details on how to improve.

What is a Listing Quality Score?

The webinar covered something called a Listing Quality score, which Walmart uses to measure the performance of listings on This score is intended to be a holistic measure of how customers interact with an item, from search, to purchase, to shipping and returns.

Listing Quality scores take into account 4 things: Content & Discoverability, Offer, Ratings & Reviews, and Post-Purchase Quality.

  • Content & Discoverability: The content on your item page. The amount of content you add to your item page has a direct impact on how easily it shows up in search.

  • Offer: Walmart wants to provide its customers with the lowest prices and best shipping options they can. Their algorithm incentivizes keeping your offer competitive.

  • Ratings & Reviews: Having a positive rating from your shopper reviews can help improve your Listing Quality score.

  • Post-Purchase Quality: Listing Quality score also considers item returns and Marketplace sellers shipping items on time.

These four elements of your item listing are added together to get your Listing Quality score. Different Walmart categories may prioritize one factor over another. For example, price may be a more important factor for toothpaste, but ratings and images may be weighted more heavily for things like furniture.

How is Listing Quality Score Different from Content Quality Score?

SKU Ninja users and Walmart suppliers should be familiar with another metric Walmart uses to keep up with their item pages: Content Quality scores.

Here’s the difference: Listing Quality measures Walmart Marketplace items on their content, price, shipping, rating, and return rate to give an overall view of a listing’s shopper experience. Content Quality scores are hyper-focused on a page’s item-level content and discoverability through Walmart search. The new Listing Quality score is available to Marketplace Sellers through Seller Central, while Walmart is focused on improving Content Quality Scores for first-party suppliers.

So, Listing Quality scores take into account many different elements of a product page, including content. Content Quality scores drill down on your item-level content and attributes to measure your product page’s discoverability in search results. This is why SKU Ninja’s Walmart Search Boost uses Content Quality Scores to improve discoverability through Walmart search.

Content Locks & Merchant Manual Issues

Many Walmart suppliers have questions about why they can’t update the content on their product pages. In the Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Center, you can see which elements of your pages’ content are locked for editing to help sellers make the most of their time. The SKU Ninja team is working with Walmart to address these publishing issues. Look out for more information about these fixes from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder in the future!

Why High-Quality Product Pages Matter

The Walmart Marketplace team tells us the quality of your listings on matters because it allows your items to Gain More Visibility, Win the Buy Box and Sell More, and Get More Marketing Opportunities.

  • Gain More Visibility: When your pages have great item-level content, you’re giving Walmart’s filters and search algorithms more to work with. Improving your Content & Discoverability score with Walmart Search Boost will make your items more discoverable in search results.

  • Win the Buy Box and Sell More: Aiming for the Buy Box is a priority for Marketplace sellers. Competitive pricing and shipping options can win your brand the Buy Box on First and third-party sellers should be aware of their Buy Box status and adjust their pricing and shipping offers to win.

  • Get More Marketing Opportunities: Walmart chooses high-quality listings when promoting items with marketing programs and holiday campaigns.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: Walmart Connected Content Partners

As Walmart Connected Content Partners, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder are the premier experts on optimizing your content for Walmart eCommerce. Improving things like your item’s title can have an immediate impact on the discoverability of your listings on Walmart Search Boost is SKU Ninja’s tool for improving the Content Quality scores of and Online Pickup & Delivery items.

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