Sep 16, 2021

New Combined Experience Now Live

Customer Experience




Walmart’s new omnichannel platform has launched, combining and Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery into a single site! As of now, all shoppers are seeing the newly combined website when they go to

What does this mean for Walmart suppliers? There are lots of big changes to the way shoppers use the site, which will have an effect on the way’s search engine populates search results.

It’s important that sellers and suppliers check their item pages’ search rank across all relevant keywords to identify places where your ranking has taken a hit. This mix-up of search results on can cause your items to lose visibility, but it’s also a big opportunity to nail the transition and improve your share of voice.

To read more about our recommendations for navigating the new experience, click here!

Important Note on Rich Media/Enhanced Content

Rich Media, also called Enhanced Content and A+ Content, is temporarily unavailable on the new Walmart is working hard to get this feature back in, so it will come back! SKU Ninja subscribers will NOT be charged for rich media hosting while it is not live on

Please note that you can still upload and create rich media modules using SKU Ninja, but no enhanced content will be published to until that functionality is added back to the new site. We encourage you to prepare by getting enhanced content ready to go so it can be published as soon as the capability is readded!

We're Here to Help You Navigate the New!

Have questions about the new and how it will affect your item pages? We're here to help! As Walmart Connected Content Partners, we keep a close eye on all things Walmart eCommerce and can help you and your team nail the transition to the new omnichannel platform.

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