Walmart OGP is now Online Pickup & Delivery!

Selling Items on Walmart Online Grocery Pickup? Now It's Walmart Pickup & Delivery!

It's been a big year for Walmart eCommerce, to say the least! Back in May 2020, the retailer announced their quarterly digital sales are up 74%, with four times as many new shoppers using Walmart Pickup & Delivery! To improve their shopping experience, Walmart created a unified mobile app that shot to the top of the charts—that's right, no more orange app and blue app!

For Walmart Suppliers, things will mostly be the same. Walmart is taking care of the complicated stuff like the app and the delivery... your job is to sell more items! And with users & sales way up, there's never been a better time to get serious about Walmart Pickup & Delivery.

SKU Ninja is a software platform built from the ground up to make it easy to win on Walmart! Created by Walmart Connected Content Partners and Walmart eCommerce experts WhyteSpyder, SKU Ninja's online dashboard is loaded with tools to save you time and optimize your item pages on and Walmart Pickup & Delivery.

Free Walmart Content Quality Score Assessment

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