Search and Competition on the New Walmart Omnichannel Experience

The new is here, bringing with it an all-new shopping experience for Walmart’s online shoppers. But things aren’t just changing for shoppers—with these changes to how users find and order items online, sellers and suppliers should be very aware of where their items appear in search results on the new platform.

Let's look at a few major points to keep in mind as you navigate the new Walmart omnichannel experience as a first-party supplier or marketplace seller: and Online Pickup & Delivery Items Share a Search Grid

The worlds of and Online Pickup & Delivery (OPD) have collided with the new omnichannel experience. Previously, or OPD items were only competing with others like them in search results, but now every item on shares the same search engine.

The old had hundreds of sellers for any given category, because it was not limited to shelf space in a brick and mortar location. The Online Pickup & Delivery platform had far fewer sellers that tended to be first-party suppliers with products in Walmart stores.

This means OPD items will see a big increase in competition from Marketplace and third-party sellers, and Marketplace sellers now have to compete with high-quality first-party pages with items in-stock at brick and mortar locations.

Search results relevant to your item may see a big or small shakeup depending on its category, and the changes can vary greatly from keyword to keyword. Understanding your new place in search results is an essential step in crafting a winning ecommerce strategy.

SKU Ninja’s ecommerce tools can help you make sense of how search results have changed on the new! Our Win Search package features 5 tools made for monitoring and improving your place in search results.

Paid Search Remains a Solid Strategy

One thing that hasn’t changed on the new is the existence of Sponsored Product positions in the search grid. Suppliers can still create ad campaigns through Walmart Connect that place their products in top search results for specific search terms.

In fact, because it combines the old and Online Pickup and Delivery platforms, the new omnichannel experience features new options for advertising previously unavailable on

However, it’s important to remember that Walmart has certain content standards for product pages placed in these sponsored positions. If your item page doesn’t feature enough content and keywords relevant to the search term you want to advertise on, it may be prevented from showing up as a Sponsored Product for those searches.

You can manage your Walmart Connect Campaigns from your SKU Ninja dashboard with our Ad Manager tool. Need more help? Have our Walmart advertising experts place your item prominently in search results through our Ad Sensei program.

Measure Search Results the Easy Way with Share of Voice

SKU Ninja’s newest tool, Share of Voice, is the perfect solution for understanding your place in search on the new Share of Voice condenses the search results for the most important keywords in your category into a digestible metric. You can use the tool's reports to find item-keyword combinations where you can gain search rank and show up to more shoppers!

To learn more about Share of Voice and download our recent survey of Walmart shoppers, click here!

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