Self-Serve and Partner Advertising on Walmart OPD Now Available

Big news for anyone with items on Walmart OPD! Walmart Connect (formerly Walmart Media Group) has unified advertising on and Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery. As of March 1st, advertisers are now able to manage their own Walmart search campaigns for items across Walmart’s entire platform.

These new enhancements are part of the recently renamed Walmart Connect’s effort to unify Walmart search and allow brands to better connect with Walmart shoppers. But how does this change advertising on Walmart eCommerce? And what can brands do to take advantage of this new unified ad platform?

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is here to help you and your Walmart items take advantage of this new advertising opportunity. Let’s cover some of the basics about these changes and how you can win with Walmart Connect:

What does this mean for Walmart sellers and suppliers?

Advertisers can now choose to serve their product listing advertisements on or Online Pickup & Delivery, when applicable. An item must be transactable on to have its ad served to both platforms. These new enhancements broaden the reach of advertisements for relevant products on .com and OPD.

If you’re currently selling or advertising items on or OPD, it’s important to ensure your paid search strategy takes these new enhancements into account. You can use self-serve advertising or partner platforms to effectively advertise your products to this newly unified ecommerce audience.

How to Take Advantage of these Enhancements

Remember—Walmart’s advertising environment is unique, and requires campaign strategies tailored to the way paid and organic search works on the platform. Re-running campaigns or strategies from Amazon or anywhere else can lead to wasted ad spend that can place your items at even lower positions than they started at.

To ensure shoppers see relevant and high-quality listings at the top of search results, Walmart has requirements that affect what rank an item can earn through paid search. Things like the item’s content quality, relevancy, price, ratings, and shipping offerings can limit the placement of your product listing ads. Advertisers need to ensure their page is worthy (and even able) to have traffic driven to it before targeting keywords with their campaigns.

To learn more about how Walmart measures the content quality of items, click here!

These are just some of the basics of advertising on & Online Pickup & Delivery. Effective advertising strategy on the two platforms can vary greatly by category, keyword, and target audience.

Advertise Walmart Items Effectively with SKU Ninja’s Campaign Wizard

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has just launched a new tool for optimizing ad campaigns on AND Online Pickup & Delivery: Campaign Wizard! Campaign Wizard takes the time-consuming research (or guesswork) out of creating successful advertising campaigns on Walmart using artificial intelligence and our team’s close knowledge of Walmart search.

Click here to see the data from a case study in which Ad Sensei exponentially improved Return on Ad Spend for one of our clients!

Our Ad Sensei team has a lot of experience creating campaigns that optimize ad spending on Walmart. We built this new tool to automate the considerations they make when targeting keywords for Walmart ad campaigns. Campaign Wizard uses artificial intelligence to account for more than 20 factors when selecting keywords to target or avoid, based on the specifics of your item page’s content, competitors, and search rank.

If you want to learn more about SKU Ninja & Campaign Wizard, click here! You can also email to get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll contact you to learn more about your items or schedule a meeting to give you a demo!


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