Aug 19, 2020

Case Study: Walmart Search Boost has Improved 2500+ Product Pages!

Case Study




Content Quality Scores are an important, but often misunderstood part of Walmart eCommerce. Whenever the retailer pushes initiatives to improve supplier content on, we get a lot of questions from suppliers on how to get their scores up. Walmart Search Boost was created by the WhyteSpyder team to make Content Quality Scores easy for anyone.

We launched Walmart Search Boost in late 2019, and since then, it's helped a ton of Walmart suppliers improve their pages' Content Quality Scores on!

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Between November 2019 and April 2021, Walmart Search Boost increased the average content quality score of more than 2500 item pages from 79/100 to 93/100. 

75% of items using Walmart Search Boost have a Content Quality Scores greater than 90.

By optimizing the back-end attributes and item-level content of these product pages, they are now eligible to show up in search results and more discoverable via Walmart's search algorithms.

Why are Content Quality Scores Important?

When suppliers set up their items on Walmart eCommerce, they often don't fill in all the attribute fields provided for their category, or provide product titles or descriptions that are too short. Lacking content and specifications for your item page gives Walmart's algorithms nothing to use to put your product in front of shoppers using their search engine. Walmart Search Boost quickly and easily identifies what content and attributes your item is missing to improve its discoverability in Walmart search.

  • Eligibility: If an item's Content Quality Score is lower than 80%, it may not be eligible to show up in Walmart search results.

  • Attributes: Which content and attributes are most important for Walmart search can vary by category. For example, rich media improves your discoverability for some categories more than others.

  • Search Rank: It's impossible to achieve a good search rank with a low content quality score. This can also prevent you from purchasing Sponsored Product positions for your item.

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