Oct 8, 2020

Walmart SEO Basics: Product Type





When setting up items on Walmart.com, suppliers have to submit many different specifications. The information entered about each item helps Walmart organize their vast catalogs of items and give shoppers the search results that best match what they were looking for. Suppliers that want to sell more items should pay close attention to the specifications that are most impactful on search engine optimization, like an item's Title, Description, and Product Type.

Why Product Type is Important for Walmart SEO

Being a more basic specification that classifies thousands of similar items usually competing for search rank, Product Type is a major component of Walmart SEO. When a shopper types in their search terms, Walmart's search algorithms can cleanly filter search results based on an item's Product Type.

If your item's Product Type doesn't match the search terms entered, it won't be able to appear in those search results. To ensure you show up in as many searches as possible, understanding the search terms shoppers are using and which Product Type to assign to your item is essential.

Matching your Product Type to the Shopper's Search Terms

For example: One of our clients' items was given the Automotive Additive Product Type during item setup. But during our insights team’s initial review, it became clear the item fit better into the Automotive Accessory type. Once the change was made it became eligible to appear for more search terms, and was more discoverable to shoppers.

If Walmart thinks your item isn't relevant to a search because of its' Product Type, it will be filtered out of the search results. You can improve your item's discoverability by making sure the Product Type matches more shoppers' search terms. Sometimes, this means choosing your Product Type strategically.

Master Walmart eCommerce with SKU Ninja

SKU Ninja is an all-in-one software platform for Walmart.com and beyond, with lots of tools for accelerating your business on major online retailers. SKU Ninja has a direct API to Walmart.com that lets users import and update content and specifications like Product Type.

When you start a new SKU Ninja Elite Subscription for your Walmart items, you'll get an initial consultation with our Insights team. In the call, they'll go over relevant metrics they discovered when looking over your item list and provide actionable insights on how to use SKU Ninja to improve.

Product Type is one of the first specifications our Insights team checks when giving consultations and helping our clients with Walmart.com items. If you're interested in learning more about SKU Ninja, just fill out the contact form below. You'll be put in touch with one of our team members to start working on a plan to put SKU Ninja to work for your brand.

About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is a digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine years of ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software to solve the unique problems facing omnichannel professionals today. For more information, a free Walmart Content Quality Score assessment, or to schedule a demo or call, email info@whytespyder.com.

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