Walmart Shopper Survey - Why & How do Shoppers Use

Assisted by our friends at Field Agent, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has conducted a survey of shoppers to learn more about the purchasing decisions they make when using the platform. Let's go over our results and learn what's important to Walmart shoppers:

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Price is a Primary Motivator for Walmart Shoppers

Our survey of Walmart shoppers indicates that price is still a major motivator that drives shoppers to

What is your primary reason for choosing Walmart over another retailer?

Better Prices/Deals – 46% Pickup Options – 24%

Pickup options like 2-Day Shipping or Online Pickup & Delivery come in second for reasons Walmart shoppers choose over other retailers.

As you can see, the majority of shoppers choose because of key differentiators like price and convenience. Since shoppers are coming to the site for these reasons, it's crucial to remain competitive with your pricing and shipping offers among other items in your category to succeed.

Walmart is aware of the importance of price and pickup options on their platform—in fact, this is built into the functionality of's search engine.

Pricing your item competitively and offering the best shipping options possible not only makes it more attractive to Walmart shoppers, but can even help improve its search rank.

Price & Pickup Options are important elements that affect an item's search rank, along with its Content Quality Scores. Click here to read more about Walmart Content Quality Scores and how you can improve them!

Search is Still Essential on

Our questionnaire also included the topic of how shoppers use search on and the Walmart app:

When shopping on the website or app, which feature do you interact with first?

Search Bar – 68%

When shopping online with Walmart, shoppers almost always use the retailer's search function to find the items they're looking for. This means that search results are often your first and last chance to reach shoppers.

But to form a winning search strategy, you need to know what kinds of queries shoppers are using when they click on that blank search bar:

When using the search bar on the website or app, how often do you search using a specific brand name?

Often/Always – 40% Sometimes – 45% (Walmart App) 43% (

When starting their search on, the keyword a shopper enters shapes their journey through the platform and its many items. As you can see, much of the time, this search is made using terms that heavily weigh the results in a specific brand's favor.

However, the proportion of shoppers that use branded search terms can vary greatly by category and item type. (For example, the query "band aid" is much more popular than any specific brand of laundry detergent.)

Understanding the search results and shopper volume of a category's branded and non-branded keywords is an important part of our team's strategy for winning search.

High-volume, non-branded keywords represent the opportunity to elevate your products above your competitors’, thereby stealing clicks and conversions and ultimately growing your category share. But it's still important to monitor search results even for your own brand's keywords to ensure shoppers can find your top items easily.

We also asked shoppers about how many pages of search results they typically view when making searches using Walmart's search engine:

When shopping on Walmart app, how often do you click to the second page of search results/scroll past 60 items (Walmart app)?

Never/Not Very Often – 30% ( Never/Not Very Often – 59% (Walmart App)

It's well known that the first page of search results gets the majority of clicks, and this holds true in our survey of Walmart shoppers. The farther down in search results your item appears, the less likely a shopper will be to find and click on it.

From this survey of Walmart shoppers and our team's extensive work with the platform, one thing is clear: appearing at the top of search results is one of the most fundamental keys success on

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About SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder: SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder is an ecommerce software + digital merchandising company and Walmart Connected Content Partner with more than a decade of experience helping brands win online. We combine years of ecommerce expertise with innovative and precise software to create solutions to the challenges facing omnichannel professionals today.

This shopper survey was conducted with the help of our friends at Field Agent!


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