Earn More with Walmart Sponsored Product Ads using Campaign Wizard

Product listing ads and sponsored product positions are a critical part of ecommerce. For brands big and small, paid search is a huge opportunity to get items in front of shoppers that wouldn't see them otherwise.

Sellers have a lot of freedom when it comes to running pay-per-click ad campaigns on online retailers and search engines. But planning and placing advertisements across many different keywords and item pages is complicated work, and can require a significant time investment to even begin to know what you're doing.

You don't have to meticulously study your competition or learn everything there is to know about advertising on Walmart to improve your return on ad spend! SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has just released an all-new tool for ad optimization on Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery: Campaign Wizard!

Campaign Wizard: SKU Ninja's New Tool for Walmart Ad Optimization

SKU Ninja's Campaign Wizard lets you create optimized ad campaigns for Walmart.com and Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery with the click of a button! This new online ad optimization software analyzes your Walmart items to provide precise keyword recommendations to earn their most valuable paid search positions.

To ensure search results are relevant to what the shopper is looking for, Walmart's search engine can place limits on the rank a page can earn through paid search based on its relevancy to the keyword. This can make it impossible to know if a keyword is worth targeting without close knowledge of the item's content, organic rank, and competition.

Campaign Wizard parses over 20 different factors affecting the maximum search rank an item can earn as a Sponsored Product. It uses these factors to determine what keywords would be ideal for your items to target, and what keywords to avoid.

New Test & Learn Option for Campaign Wizard & Sensei Dojo

We now offer a Test & Learn option for trying out Campaign Wizard and the rest of the tools in SKU Ninja's Sensei Dojo at a reduced price and time commitment! See if Campaign Wizard is right for you by putting it to work for your items!

Email info@whytespyder.com for more information or to schedule a meeting.

Target the Keywords Where Your Items Can Perform Best

Winning with paid search on an online retailer like Walmart requires careful planning to identify where your items can win. When you're facing competition in PPC bidding and relevancy, it can take careful research to find places where you're able to use paid search to be placed at the top of search results.

That's why Campaign Wizard analyzes your items, keywords, and competitive landscape to target only keywords where you can win. After adding your items to SKU Ninja, Campaign Wizard will identify the most valuable keywords in your category, find your item's current organic search rank for that item, and calculate the maximum rank the item can earn as a Sponsored Product. Use these insights to find the largest gain in search rank your item can achieve using paid search!

Campaign Wizard instantly finds keywords you can target with Sponsored Products that are:

  • Medium to high in search volume

  • Relevant to your item page and its content

  • Aren't currently being targeted by competitors

Get automated access to our team of Walmart experts' keyword recommendations with Campaign Wizard! Click here to learn more and contact us for a demo!

Take the Expensive Guesswork Out Of Campaign Management

Campaign Wizard lets you skip the weeks of guesswork finding keywords that work best for your Sponsored Product campaigns. With this two-in-one Walmart Insights and Campaign Optimization tool, you can instantly find the best keywords for your items and start your campaign there!

It's easy to dump a lot of time and money into keywords that your item will never rank on. Without Campaign Wizard, you may not find out your Sponsored Products aren't preforming well until after you've spent your budget! With Campaign Wizard, you'll always know that your keywords are worth bidding on.

Outmaneuver Your Competition in Walmart Search Results

Sponsored Products are a great way to elevate your item pages above the competition in search results. But like organic search, competition with other brands and items is an inherent part of paid search. Depending on the keywords you target, you'll be bidding against your competitors for Sponsored Product positions.

Knowing the keywords your competitors are spending money on can allow you to precisely adjust your campaign's targets to maximize the exposure of the items you advertise. Campaign Wizard not only lets you find keywords that are ideal for your items, but fills you in on what competitors are sponsoring specific keywords, and what items are already showing up as Sponsored Products.

Conjure Keywords for Your Ad Campaigns at the Click of a Button

But Campaign Wizard has one more trick up its sleeve! Just click the "Summon the Wizard" button and select the products you want to advertise, and Campaign Wizard will gather its keyword recommendations automatically.

You can then export the campaign keyword recommendations in a format you can easily plug in to ad management platforms Pacvue or Flywheel! Automate this essential part of campaign planning with this all-new tool built specifically to help items perform as Sponsored Products on Walmart.com and Online Pickup & Delivery! Just adjust the bids (set to minimum by default), adjust the timing, and run your campaign with confidence, knowing that you're targeting the ideal keywords for your items.

Walmart Ad Software Created by Walmart Experts

At SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder, we know just about everything there is to know about search on Walmart. Our team works closely with Walmart and its suppliers on search and content initiatives, and has been optimizing product pages for Walmart eCommerce for many years.

The Walmart experts on our Ad Sensei team have a deep knowledge of how the retailer's search engine handles paid and organic search. Campaign Wizard was built to automate the work of the team's keyword recommendations. The tool's artificial intelligence does the legwork of analyzing your Walmart items and their competitive environment, providing instant keyword recommendations based on opportunities to improve search rank through Sponsored Product positions.

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