Jan 8, 2020

What Affects eCommerce Search Results?





Everyone knows that in ecommerce, search is essential. Search engine results pages, or SERPs, are the digital equivalent of a store shelf. Anyone selling products online depends on these search results—if your products aren't appearing in SERPs, shoppers won't even have the chance to consider making a purchase.

A lot goes into sorting through the millions of product pages on search engines like Google. Here's a quick look at some of the elements of your product pages search engines look at for their search results:

Title: Search engines take into account things like title length, capitalization, and inclusion of special characters to keep SERPs looking uniform. The product title is one of the first things a shopper sees when browsing search results, so it's important for retailers to prevent merchants from using titles typed in all capital letters or stuffed with unnecessary or unrelated keywords.

Description: Product descriptions are a major source of information about a product both for shoppers and the robots crawling the pages looking for relevant information for the shoppers' questions. Including relevant keywords and readable written copy is the first thing many people think of when approaching search engine optimization. Major online retailers have their own requirements and recommendations for maximizing the space.

Reviews: Shopper reviews are an important part of search results for most every ecommerce site. Retailers use these reviews to recommend better products to their shoppers. Users can sort and filter their search results by the item's Customer Rating, meaning having a good number of high-quality reviews can improve.

Category-Specific Attributes: Back-end attributes are also used for a retailer's sorting and filtering functionality. The aspects of a product used to filter search results differ from category to category. This allows users to search for medicine and supplements with specific vitamins and nutrients, or refine their search for a toy based on whether it's for a girl or a boy.

All this and much more goes into providing shoppers with the products they're looking for, and most online retailers are constantly changing and improving their algorithms to provide better and more responsive search results. Discoverability, or the ease with which shoppers can find your products, is essential for anyone looking to succeed on major online retailers like Walmart.com.

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