(PRESS RELEASE) WhyteSpyder Forms Executive Team

Four Internal Leaders Promoted to Executive Team to Help Meet Online Shopping Demands

Fayetteville, Ark. (Feb. 13, 2019) – WhyteSpyder, digital merchandising expert, is pleased to announce the promotions of four team members to executive officer positions to amplify its efforts to create fast, cost effective, and innovative omni shopper solutions that address industry demands for online shopping.

WhyteSpyder recognizes that suppliers and retailers need the right products, data, content, information, and strategic direction in a timely and cost-effective manner to satisfy the omnichannel shopper, and each of our officers are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Eric Howerton, CEO of WhyteSpyder, said, “These four know the business, the industry, and our market so well, and as executives in the company, they will help drive the big products we’re developing, and continue to provide the same services we have always offered; all in an effort to deliver to the market what the market needs, based off the demands of the omni shopper.”

Lane Dickerson Carruth has been promoted to Chief Customer Officer. Carruth joined WhyteSpyder in 2016 and has 20 years of experience in the marketing/agency industry. Previously Vice President of Client Relations, Lane’s primary responsibility in her new role will be business development of products and services, as well as management and oversight of customer relationships.

“The customer is always first, and I am excited to continue to grow our business through excellent customer service and new products and services that add value to our clients’ business,” she said.

Suzanne Owens has been promoted from Director of Client Services to Chief Product Officer. Suzanne brings ten-plus years of expertise in the planning and implementation of large-scale technology solutions to drive innovation. Suzanne joined the WhyteSpyder team a year and a half ago, and in her new role, Suzanne will develop and ensure customer success, as well as spearhead product innovation.

“My primary goal in my new role is to deliver simple yet innovative solutions that solve real business problems and continuously and consistently delight our partners and clients,” Owens said.

Brooke McNeely has been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. Previously Director of Content and Rich Media, Brooke joined the company in 2014 as a writer and, since that time, has held a position in almost every department, ranging from account services to operations to content creation.

“It’s been a wild ride, and I’m excited for what the future brings. This is such an exciting opportunity, and I’m honored to apply the marketing knowledge we have provided our clients and gathered as a team over the years to growing WhyteSpyder’s voice and presence in the community,” said McNeely.

Roger Dickey has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer. Roger joined WhyteSpyder in 2012 and has 20 years of software development experience in helping the world’s largest retailers, household brand names, and suppliers understand the technical details of winning at e-commerce. Previously, Senior Director of Development, in his new role, Roger will continue to develop WhyteSpyder’s proprietary SaaS solution SKU Ninja and drive product automation.

“This is a great time in the world of software engineering, as cloud computing makes scaling up processes almost as easy as turning on a light switch. It’s a privilege to be the CTO of WhyteSpyder to help give the company a flexible foundation that will allow us to provide our products and services to a client no matter their size or needs,” he said.

“Each of these individuals personify the corporate values of WhyteSpyder,” Howerton said. “Their positivity, their energy, their commitment, their dedication, their integrity, and their ethics are to be recognized. That’s why we have been able to continue to successfully evolve our business to better serve our customers.”

WhyteSpyder’s values are commitment, adaptation, excellence, relationships, integrity and compassion.

About WhyteSpyder: WhyteSpyder helps retailers and brands increase sales by listening, understanding and speaking to omnishoppers through custom technology, software, strategy and content creation. Winner of The Better Business Bureau’s 2018 Torch Awards for Ethics, the company works with leading companies including Walmart, Champion Labs, Reckitt Benckiser and AMG-Asia.

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