Getting Started

By signing up for WhyteSpyder.com, you can order all of our ecommerce technology, automated reports, and content creation through our easy-to-use, self-service website! We’ve made it easier than ever to get the tools you need to win at ecommerce.

Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about our product offerings, but you’ll need to make a user account to view our bulk pricing calculators and order products or services. Sign up today and take your first steps toward improving the content on your product detail pages and roadmapping your way to ecommerce success!

After you’ve signed up for SKU Ninja, you should receive your login from our customer success team within 24 hours. When you’re able to log in, you’ll just need to enter your item list to start tracking and monitoring your product detail pages.

It’s truly easy to create an item list to start tracking your product pages using SKU Ninja:

  1. Choose a required identifier you have access to for all of your products (UPC, GTIN, URL)
  2. Put the identifier for each SKU into a one-column spreadsheet and save the file in .CSV format
  3. Log in to SKU Ninja using your credentials
  4. Upload your item list!

For all of our product offerings with monthly billing, you’ll be billed at the end of the month only for what you use. That’s right—if you sign up to monitor 100 pages with a SKU Ninja Essentials subscription, but only enter an item list with 50 items, you’ll only be billed for those 50 product detail pages at the end of the month.

At any time, you can add more product detail pages to your SKU Ninja content management and monitoring, or host more rich media modules on your Walmart.com product detail pages. We’ll bill you at the end of the month for whatever number of pages or modules you enter.

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for our Essentials monthly subscription. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten what you signed up for, just tell us, and you’ll get your money back!

Rich Media

Ordering Rich Media Hosting from WhyteSpyder.com is the easiest way to improve your Walmart.com product detail pages with enhanced content!

You can check the monthly pricing for using our Rich Media Hosting tool without a WhyteSpyder.com login—that’s because pricing is simple: just $5 a month, per rich media module!

Click here to see our Rich Media Hosting shelf page and select which types of rich media modules you want to create with SKU Ninja.

Each video you upload to a Rich Media Module within SKU Ninja can be submitted to any number of Walmart.com product detail pages! The same billing rates apply for other types of rich media: $5 per month for each rich media module created.

Within SKU Ninja Rich Media Hosting, an asset is any image, video, document, or file you upload to SKU Ninja to host on your product pages. You’ll need to select these files from your device to upload when creating your rich media modules. Types of rich media modules like video, 360 views, and downloadable documents require you to upload your own video, image, or PDF files so SKU Ninja can host them on Walmart.com.

Rich Media is now easier than ever with new drag and drop functionality and more in our SKU Ninja 2020 update! Read more about it on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/sku-ninja-2020/

An FAQ section is a great way to answer questions you know your shoppers have on their minds, as well as another chance to show off your product in a unique light. FAQ sections made with SKU Ninja Rich Media Hosting can display text, image, or video answers to any question you like on a Walmart.com product detail page.

Read more about FAQ sections on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/walmart-faq-section/


We need your Walmart.com supplier credentials to ensure our software is able to make changes to your product detail pages on your behalf. Not providing us with your supplier credentials could have an effect on your basic content submissions and may result in your changes being rejected.

How to generate credentials: https://supplierhelp.walmart.com/s/guide?article=000006795

Don’t have a Supplier Center Account? Click here to information on how to get started: https://sellerhelp.walmart.com/s/guide?article=000007899

Rich Media Hosting only clients DO NOT need to provide their Supplier Center Credentials.

To track competitors using SKU Ninja, you just need to create an item list in the same way you would for your own products. Just provide an excel spreadsheet containing a column of the required identifiers for the competitor pages you want to track, and you can start monitoring their content.

A Content Quality Score is a grade assigned to every product page that measures how optimized it is for discoverability on Walmart.com. Walmart uses these Content Quality Scores to assess the average or overall quality of content for a category or brand. A better Content Quality Score means it’s easier for shoppers to find the item using Walmart’s search engine. Walmart Search Boost is SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder’s software solution for improving Content Quality Scores.

Read more about Content Quality Scores on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/walmart-content-quality-scores/

SKU Ninja’s Search Snapshot Report displays the top results for a list of keywords chosen based on the volume of shoppers using them. The competitor brands color-coded in the Search Snapshot report are the items seen by the most shoppers making searches in that category.

Read more about Search Snapshot on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/search-ranking-on-walmart-ogp/

Walmart OGP and Walmart.com use the same search engine to fill search results, but some categories may have certain filters or restrictions for OGP items. Improving Walmart Content Quality Scores will improve your items’ discoverability on Walmart.com, Walmart OGP, and the Walmart app.

Read more about search on OGP on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/how-to-improve-search-rank-on-walmart-ogp/

We can help! Our solutions can help you get better content online and quality scores above 95%. Walmart Search Boost is our subscription service for improving Walmart Content Quality Scores.

Walmart Search Boost works by doing an assessment of your item pages and gives them a quality score. After that, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder makes recommendations on how to improve your content quality scores that will improve discoverability and optimize your score.

Learn more about Walmart Search Boost and Content Quality Scores on our blog: https://www.whytespyder.com/blog/walmart-content-quality-scores/

Changes you make to your product pages to improve your Content Quality Score will make it easier to find your item on Walmart.com immediately, but it may take up to a week or two to see it reflected in your score. Content Quality Scores are used as a measure of an item’s discoverability on Walmart.com, and are refreshed weekly based on each page’s currently live content.

About Us

SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder has more than a decade of experience and connections in the world of ecommerce and online retail, headquartered a short drive from Walmart Home Office. We are founding Walmart Connected Content Partners (since 2015) and maintain relationships with friends and colleagues at Walmart suppliers, brokers, and other CCPs. We are your ultimate partner for Walmart success!

We’re a friendly, close-knit company that takes customer success and user experience seriously. All of our software solutions are built from the ground up based on years and years of experience helping brands win online. We know the problems ecommerce professionals are facing every day, because we’ve faced them, too!

Email info@whytespyder.com or open a chat window in the bottom right corner of your screen to talk to a real person!